Hippie Grandma Dream


Lena eagerly recounts a vivid dream her daughter experienced recently. In the dream, her daughter awakens to a deceptive reality, discovering an strange crimson door within her room. Intrigued, she ventures forth, only to stumble upon a chilling tale of murder within a haunting abode. Amidst the eerie silence, an elderly woman remains indifferent to her presence, while twin girls emerge with cautionary whispers, admonishing her to heed their warnings. | Episode 123

Content Warning: Death

Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/multi-animal-animal-nightmare-folklore/

1 Foot, 2 Little Girls, 3 Small Beds, 8 Years Old, Acknowledge Presence, Animal Attack, Barefoot, Be Unseen, Bed, Bedroom, Black Hair, Black Spider, Blizzard, Blood, Body in Unnatural Positions / Angles, By Bedroom, Can't Close Eyes, Can't Look Away, Can't Speak, Carpet, Ceiling, Childhood Dream, Cigarette, Corners of Mouth, Couch, Creek, Cry, Curiosity, Cut, Cut Corners of Mouth, Dark, Dark Hallway, Dark Walls, Dimly Lit, Door, Door Opens On It's Own, Doorway, Dream Snippet, Eaten Alive, End of Hallway, Eyes, Faceless, Fake Wake, Fear, Float in Air, Floor, Floral Dress, Floral Wallpaper, Follow Someone, Frozen in Place, Fully Furnished, Furnished, Furthest Wall, Get Up, Giggle, Grandma / Grandmother, Growl, Half Human, Hallway, Hallway Floor, House, Kiss, Kiss Forehead, Knee Length Dress, Knock on Door, Lay Down, Lay Down to Sleep, Left, Little GIrls, Living Room, Long Dream, Long Hair, Long Hallway, Matching Outfits, Mattress, Menthol Cigarettes, My Mom, Nightgown, Nightmare Dream, No Lights, No Windows, Not Acknowledged, Not Dressed for the Weather, Old Woman, Olfactory, Open, Open Door, Patchouli, Photo, Pictures / Photos, Pool of Blood, Portraits, Pulled in Direction, Recurring Dream, Red, Red Carpet, Red Door, Repeat Saying, Saggy Skin, Scream, Shhh, Sit Quietly, Sit Still, Skin / Flesh, Small Bed, Smile Too Wide, Spider, Still, Strange House, Strap, Strapped to Mattress, Surrounded, Tapping, Thick Carpet, Told, Told To Do Something, Try to Get Away, Try to Scream, Tuck into Bed, Unseen Entity, Veins, Wake up Screaming, Walk Up To Something, Wall, Wallpaper, Walls, Whisper, White, White Eyes, Wiggle Out of Something, Wood Paneling, Wrinkly Skin