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Fatima recounts a perplexing dream, finding herself bewildered by the presence of a drunken elderly lady standing in her driveway. As the dream unfolds, it becomes apparent that this seemingly harmless granny harbors malicious intentions. With a makeshift weapon in hand, the elderly woman takes swings at Fatima, prompting a frantic escape where Fatima, despite […]

 Drunk Driveway Grandma Dream

Dream Snippet

Greg recounts a chilling nightmare that taps into a universally shared fear: needles. However, the true horror lies in the figure wielding the syringe. The unsettling climax arrives as the dream takes an unexpectedly grim turn, culminating in a fatal overdose that leaves an indelible mark on the haunting narrative. | Episode 106 Content Warning: […]

Dirty Syringe Dream

Dream Snippet

Raelyn receives an elegant invitation to a sophisticated luncheon on a bridge with a breathtaking vista of expansive water. However, her dreams of a posh affair take a harrowing turn as ominous shark fins begin circling the diners. In a battle of wits and courage, Raelyn fights tooth and nail to ensure she isn’t the […]

Interrupted Luncheon Dream

Dream Snippet