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Welcome to REMelations! 

Join best friends Mindy and Brooke as they share their fascination with all things dreams.

Everyone dreams, yet still don't know WHY. Join Mindy and Brooke as they chat about the latest in dream studies, sleep disorders, sleeping walking murder defenses and of course, celebrity dreams!

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Mindy and Brooke have been BFF's since they were thirteen. Which means they have had many sleepovers over their decades of friendship. Grab your slippers, and your favorite blankie and join your new best friends. Just don't be the first to fall asleep.

it's like chatting with your besties

Each week Mindy and Brooke read REAL dreams submitted by their favorite guests... Their Listeners!  Then you can listen in and see what they think of your latest and greatest wild REM cycle.

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Lexilu93 - Apple Podcasts

Enjoyable! I love this unique podcast! I especially love listening to Mindy and Brooke banter. Have another drink you two! You deserve it! ;)

- Sophia R.

"It's like I've found two new besties who totally love dreams like I do!"

Mom & Step-mom
Enneagram Type 9
Vivid Dreamer
Took First Flight at Twenty-Six Years Old
Has Three Sisters
A Beautiful Brunette

Favorite Drink to Order:
Glass of Wine

Hey friend - I'm mindy

Meet Your Hosts

No Human Offspring
Enneagram Type 7
Apartment Dweller
Rarely Remembers Dreams
Seasoned Traveler
Has One Brother
A Beautiful Blonde

Favorite Drink to Order: lemonade and Titos

Hey friend - I'm Brooke

How Mindy and Brooke are the Same

Love True Crime
Attended Catholic School
Can't Resist a Good Photo Booth
Night Owl
Believes in Ghosts
Likes to Sleep with Blanket Tucked Under Chin and Feet

the latest episodes

“Havin’ a bad day…? Mercury Retrograde. Late for work…? Sorry, Mercurcy is in Retrograde.” Episode 28 |  This week we’re diving into two fun listeners’ dreams.  Ram shares a jam-packed celebrity wack a doo dream taking place in a courtroom.  Along with Michelle’s freaky weather dream into the void!  Feeling a little off this week?  […]

Blame It on Mercury Retrograde

“She’s been doing those snake wrestling workouts, it’s the new hit thing” Episode 26 | This week Mindy and Brooke are chatting about two intense dreams about snakes and demons but also a fun comedic turn with Harry Potter and underwear.  You won’t want to miss this!  Help the show by spreading this week’s hashtag […]

Shake the Snake Weight

“What kind of leash would it take to contain a black bear?” Episode 25 | Buckle up!  This week’s listener dreams have Brooke and Mindy cracking up!  Brooke share’s Phil’s dram about a unique soup cult, while Mindy chats about Amber’s dream regarding beer and unique pets. The duo also has fun chatting about the […]

“I should have just stole it, you know my infinity for stealing barware.” Episode 24 | Mindy shares a dream about everyone’s favorite therapy… retail therapy! The duo also shares listeners’ cat nap dream stories!  And be sure to stick around for Brooke’s trip report from the Maldives and how she almost didn’t make it […]

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