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Welcome to REMelations! 

Step into the realm of dreams with REMelations, the weekly comedy dream interpretation podcast hosted by Mindy and Brooke, your favorite duo of dream enthusiasts and lifelong best friends. 

We dedicate one-third of our lives to sleep—let's dive into the topics of what happens when we close our eyes.

Mindy and Brooke passionately discuss the intriguing subjects of dream studies, sleep disorders, sleepwalking murder defenses, and the captivating world of celebrity dreams.

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Mindy and Brooke have been inseparable BFF's since they were thirteen years old, turning countless sleepovers into decades of cherished memories. 

Now, it's your turn to join the fun.  Slip into your coziest slippers, snuggle up with that well-loved stuffed animal or worn out blanket, and join the your new best friends.

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Every week, Mindy and Brooke delve into the authentic dreams shared by their most treasured guest – you, the listener! 

Tune in and discover their take on your most terrifying and whimsical adventures from the land of nod.

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Lexilu93 - Apple Podcasts

Enjoyable! I love this unique podcast! I especially love listening to Mindy and Brooke banter. Have another drink you two! You deserve it! ;)

Sophia R.

"It's like I've found two new besties who totally love dreams like I do!"

Kevinr5 - Apple Podcasts

"Funny | Definitely a good one!"

TheReneeShow - Apple Podcasts

"Funny | The stories kept me interested and laughing."

Mom & Step-mom
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Vivid Dreamer
Took First Flight at 26 Years Old
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Glass of Wine

Hey friend - I'm mindy

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No Human Offspring
Enneagram Type 7
Apartment Dweller
Rarely Remembers Dreams
Seasoned Traveler
Has One Brother
A Beautiful Blonde

Favorite Drink to Order:
lemonade and Titos

Hey friend - I'm Brooke

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Love True Crime
Attended Catholic School
Can't Resist a Good Photo Booth
Night Owl
Believes in Ghosts
Likes to Sleep with Blanket Tucked Under Chin and Feet
Love the X-Files

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Episode 99 Join Brooke, Mindy, and a whirlwind of whimsical dreamscapes in the latest episode of REMelations! Episode 99 takes you on a surreal journey through the depths of the subconscious, weaving together the fascinating dreamscape submitted by Abigail and the quirky cat naps of Brooke and Mindy. Brooke kicks off this dreamy adventure by […]

Bi, Bye, Buy | Peter Tripp and the DJ Wake-A-Thon War of 1959

Episode 98 In this riveting episode of REMelations, Mindy dives straight in by revealing Ethan’s dream about hobnobbing with an A-list celebrity — but there’s a twist! They’re both attempting to flee a maximum-security prison, guided by nothing but a fancy new shoe design. Are the shoes the key to freedom, or are they just […]

Jordan Air Rockets | Celebrity Sleep Disorders

Episode 97 In this riveting episode, Brooke dives deep into a surreal dream submitted by Hannah. Amidst horse stables under a twilight sky, a shadowy trickster and a bone-chilling clown kid lurk, casting a veil of mystery and spine-tingling sensations. What could these symbols mean, and how do they intertwine with Hannah’s waking life? But […]

Episode 96 This week Mindy dives into a dream submission from Hayden, Hayden begins her dream keen-eyed snoop navigating the maze-like confines of her own home. But this isn’t the house she knows; it’s transformed, brimming with odd and unexpected attractions. As she delves deeper into the maze, her objective becomes clear: she’s searching for […]

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