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Welcome to REMelations! 

Step into the realm of dreams with REMelations, the weekly comedy dream interpretation podcast hosted by Mindy and Brooke, your favorite duo of dream enthusiasts and lifelong best friends. 

We dedicate one-third of our lives to sleep—let's dive into the topics of what happens when we close our eyes.

Mindy and Brooke passionately discuss the intriguing subjects of dream studies, sleep disorders, sleepwalking murder defenses, and the captivating world of celebrity dreams.

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Mindy and Brooke have been inseparable BFF's since they were thirteen years old, turning countless sleepovers into decades of cherished memories. 

Now, it's your turn to join the fun.  Slip into your coziest slippers, snuggle up with that well-loved stuffed animal or worn out blanket, and join the your new best friends.

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Every week, Mindy and Brooke delve into the authentic dreams shared by their most treasured guest – you, the listener! 

Tune in and discover their take on your most terrifying and whimsical adventures from the land of nod.

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What you'll find on the podcast:

Lexilu93 - Apple Podcasts

Enjoyable! I love this unique podcast! I especially love listening to Mindy and Brooke banter. Have another drink you two! You deserve it! ;)

Sophia R.

"It's like I've found two new besties who totally love dreams like I do!"

Kevinr5 - Apple Podcasts

"Funny | Definitely a good one!"

TheReneeShow - Apple Podcasts

"Funny | The stories kept me interested and laughing."

Mom & Step-mom
Enneagram Type 9
Vivid Dreamer
Took First Flight at 26 Years Old
Has Three Sisters
A Beautiful Brunette

Favorite Drink to Order:
Glass of Wine

Hey friend - I'm mindy

Meet Your Hosts

No Human Offspring
Enneagram Type 7
Apartment Dweller
Rarely Remembers Dreams
Seasoned Traveler
Has One Brother
A Beautiful Blonde

Favorite Drink to Order:
lemonade and Titos

Hey friend - I'm Brooke

How Mindy and Brooke are the Same

Love True Crime
Attended Catholic School
Can't Resist a Good Photo Booth
Night Owl
Believes in Ghosts
Likes to Sleep with Blanket Tucked Under Chin and Feet
Love the X-Files

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Episode 120 In Episode 120 of REMelations, Brooke delves into a dream shared by Gloria that sets an eerie tone for the episode. Gloria finds herself in a dreamland hangout with her mom when an unexpected visitor intrudes, leaving Brooke and Mindy perplexed about the nonchalant reaction to the intruder and why split-level homes even […]

The Oky Doky | The History of Why We Lullaby

Episode 119 Join Brooke and Mindy in another captivating episode of REMelations as they delve into the wild world of dreams and nightmares. In this episode, Mindy kicks things off by recounting a dream shared by Kaitlyn, featuring an impromptu adventure-filled day with her mom. From a spontaneous car trip to discovering hidden waterfalls and […]

Dr. Eel PhD | Tennessee’s Extreme Haunted House

Episode 118 In the thrilling Episode 118 of REMelations, the dreamscape takes center stage as Brooke delves into the bizarre and suspenseful nocturnal journey of Kevin. Our protagonist finds himself trapped in a government reality show, facing off against soldiers, navigating an infectious disease, and partaking in a deadly game of hide and seek. Will […]

Episode 117 Dive into the surreal as REMelations Episode 117 kicks off with G’s vivid dream, leading us on a quest for a deeper connection with our emotions. Join us as we navigate the strange landscapes of a feral exploding grandmother, a blood-red moon, and an aggressive werewolf, unraveling the layers of symbolism within. Later, […]

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