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Isabella shares a dream about her graduation commencement, where a haunting voice and an eerie presence make an unsettling appearance. As she poses for her commencement photos, the presence twirls beside her, creating a surreal and disturbing experience that leaves a lasting impression on her graduation day memory. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – […]

Graduation Attachment Dream

Dream Snippet

Leslie shares with the podcast a recurring dream theme where many of her dreams come true. From small, mundane events like dorm moves to more significant occurrences, her experiences make us wonder if she possesses untapped, powerful abilities. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/albany-canada-lake-laniers-dreadful-history/

Dorm Premonition Dream

Episode Dream Category

Naomi submits a dream to the REMelations podcast where ‘Ghost Adventures’ host Zak Bagans pleads for her help with a new paranormal investigation. The eerie adventure starts in her high school gym but soon leads them deep into the woods. There, Zak becomes possessed by malevolent entities, leaving Naomi as his only hope for salvation. […]

Zak Bagans Possession Dream

Dream Snippet

Ryan recalls a dream where he strangely witnesses his own funeral, a surreal premonition that unsettles him deeply. The dream also leaves him with a haunting imperative: he must somehow disable his GPS, fearing that failing to do so could cause his dreams to manifest in reality. | Episode 139 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/snakes-are-venomous-not-poisonous-admiral-grey-and-the-human-dream-project/

GPS Demon Dream

Dream Snippet

Ben shares a dream that profoundly challenges his lifestyle. As a committed vegan, he is shocked to find himself not only preparing but also craving a meat dish. However, this isn’t your typical beef, chicken, or pork. This dish is something far more unsettling, pushing the boundaries of comfort for everyone. | Episode 136 Full […]

Vegan Eating Meat Dream

Dream Snippet

Gretchen shares a poignant dream story with the podcast, recounting a night when she was visited by her late mother. In the dim light of a stairwell, her mother makes a ghostly appearance, silently vanishing before Gretchen’s eyes. The next morning, her brother confirms the eerie encounter, leaving Gretchen both unsettled and comforted by the […]

Mother Visitation Dream

Dream Snippet

Jason’s evening takes an unexpected turn as he embarks on a surreal journey through the depths of his subconscious. What begins as a tranquil dinner outing with his father swiftly transmutes into a harrowing spectacle, with the sky raining down meteorites. Amidst the chaos, Jason finds himself separated from his father, forced to seek refuge […]

Dust People Armageddon Dream

Dream Snippet

Joey finds himself plunged into a dream where he encounters a younger version of himself, poised for a family dinner in a peculiar setting—a hotel room, adorned with sheep-like figures adorning the doorways. Yet, the strange atmosphere is compounded by his mother’s erratic behavior; she consumes everyone’s food, her actions tinged with an unsettling uneasiness. […]

Sheep People Dream

Dream Snippet

In Leng’s unsettling dream, he comes face to face with a deceased Buddhist monk who has transformed into a menacing zombie. Fleeing from the undead horror, Leng and his companions hastily seek sanctuary within the walls of a nearby temple. Their hope is to wait out the encroaching malevolence, sheltered from its grasp. | Episode […]

Zombie Monk Dream

Dream Snippet

Monica pens a chilling recollection of a dream that sent shivers down her spine. In her vivid reverie, she finds herself standing before a mirror in a brilliantly illuminated bathroom, only to be confronted with a ghastly sight—her reflection, devoid of a face. Despite the shock of this macabre discovery, Monica maintains an eerie calmness, […]

Faceless Self Dream

Dream Snippet

Mateo ushers in a dream that ignites with the intensity of a sudden explosion as he finds himself on his wedding day, about to marry his childhood crush. Despite being already committed in his waking reality, Mateo becomes immersed in a whirlwind of activity, fervently rehearsing vows, playfully falling victim to pranks, fervently searching for […]

Childhood Crush Wedding Dream

Dream Snippet

Rowan reveals a haunting dream that continues to linger in his mind, describing the surreal moment when he “awakens” in bed to find his mother transformed into a slimy, watery blob beside him, emitting an unnatural, chilling voice. | Episode 125 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/its-gonna-be-bait-grunch-mccurdy-cropsey-and-char-man/

Watery Mom Dream

Dream Snippet