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Jerry unveils a dream on the podcast that marks a distinct departure from the ordinary. Transported to a gloomy woodland crime scene, he becomes an unprecedented spectator within his own dream. The uniqueness of this dream lies in Jerry’s ability to perceive the vivid perspectives of all those present, immersing him in the hauntingly graphic […]

Different Perspectives Mutilation Dream

Dream Snippet

Jenny reveals a nightmarish vision that has haunted her for years, etching itself into her memory. In this dream, she bears witness to her younger brother trapped in a savage struggle with a Jaguar. Her heart aches with devastation as she remains powerless to intervene, forced to endure the haunting spectacle of his cries for […]

Jaguar Attack Dream

Dream Snippet

Joe recounts a perplexing, haunting dream where he suddenly discovers, to his horror, that his finger is inexplicably devoid of skin. Staring at the raw flesh, he feels a wave of confusion, leaving him completely baffled and uneasy with no memory or trace of how this peculiar and unsettling predicament came to be. | Episode […]

Skinless Finger Dream

Dream Snippet

Georgia recounts a deeply surreal dream in which a jubilant, sunlit celebration of corn unexpectedly takes a dark and sinister turn. As the lively festivities unfold and the air fills with laughter, her carefree niece is eerily abducted by mysterious hat-clad figures, their unsettling exposed flesh sending chills down her spine. | Episode 98 Content […]

Skinless Party Goer Dream

Dream Snippet

Dani delves deep into a haunting memory from her past, narrating a chilling childhood nightmare. In this eerie dreamscape, a mere act of defying curfew spirals into sinister events marked by deep crimson consequences. The vividness of the dream served as a stark reminder of the lurking dangers in the shadows of alleyways. | Episode […]

Home After Curfew Dream