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Episode 109 In the mesmerizing episode of the REMelations podcast, Brooke serves as the storyteller extraordinaire, weaving the intricate and enigmatic dream spun by Abi. Brace yourself for a narrative filled with twists and turns, propelling listeners into an adventure so expansive that you might need a map to navigate the fantastical realms described. Join […]

To the Cat Cave | Historical Newspaper Sleep Stories

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Episode 108 Welcome to Episode 108 of REMelations, the podcast that dives into the wild and whimsical world of dreams! This Thanksgiving special kicks off with a bone-chilling dream shared by Chris about a Thanksgiving serial killer. Join Mindy as she recounts the haunting details and keep your wits about you to discover who will […]

Tom Gobbler | Thanksgiving Food Coma: Postprandial Somnolence

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Episode 107 In this special off-air edition of REMelations, join hosts Brooke and Mindy as they unlock the Dream Vault to bring you a collection of dreams that didn’t quite make the cut in previous episodes but are too intriguing to be left unheard. In this dreamy escapade, listeners are treated to a serenade by […]

Drunk Driveway Grandma | Dreams From the Vault 2

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Episode 106 Get ready for another mind-bending journey into the realm of dreams on REMelations Episode 106! Mindy kicks things off with a riveting dream from across the globe, where Kelly in Australia unravels a web of government secrets as an astronomer. But that’s not all – brace yourself for a surreal scene change as […]

Hydro-Tele | Logo DREAMZzz Chief Dream Creators

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Episode 105 In this episode of REMelations, the show takes a spooky turn as Brooke shares a chilling childhood nightmare dream from Lisa. In the dream, Lisa is perplexed by a blonde-haired toddler in a pink dress, but things take a sinister twist when the toddler develops an evil grin and starts chasing her. Armed […]

Baby Barbie | Sleep Deprivation and the Selby Train Crash

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Episode 104 The Halloween haze envelops REMelations as Mindy plunges listeners into a deep, chilling episode of nightmares and horrors. The journey begins with a haunting dream from “W,” where the tantalizing idea of following a charismatic stranger on a cruise ship morphs into a gruesome tale of kidnapping and mutilation. The waters are murky […]

Sometimes the Needle Breaks | Deaths on Movie Sets

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Episode 103 When dreams take a darker turn, Brooke and Mindy are here to explore and explain. In this power-packed episode, Brooke kicks off with a chilling recount of a shared dream from Gina. What starts as a mundane morning run swiftly becomes the stuff of horror films as Gina finds herself pursued by a […]

The Sour Cream Makes It Supreme | The History of Nightmares and The Legend of Mare

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Episode 102 In this gripping episode of REMelations, Mindy dives headfirst into the realm of dreams, nightmares, and the uncanny. It all begins with a peculiar dream shared by Mark, one of our listeners. Mark recounts an unforgettable night of slumber, where a seemingly innocent camping trip takes an eerie turn, straight out of the […]

Jesus Loving Zombie Humper | Terrible Dad Jokes Dreams Edition

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Episode 101 After the euphoria of their LIVE 100th show, the dynamic duo Mindy and Brooke haven’t lost a bit of their bubbly zest. The bond of friendship shines brighter than ever in this laughter-packed episode. This week, a hint of mystery lingers as Brooke dives deep into interpreting Jonathan’s haunting premonition dream. The eerie […]

Cabby Daddy | Sleep Laughing with Hypnogely

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Episode 100 In this milestone 100th episode of REMelations, the ever-curious Mindy delves into Tiffany’s intriguing dream. Picture sorting through immense mountains of junk offloaded from trucks, only to unearth a few hidden, invaluable treasures worth every effort to salvage. Is it a metaphor for life’s trials and tribulations? Tiffany’s dream certainly leaves listeners pondering. […]

Bareback Squid Rider | Behind the Lego DREAMZzz Collection

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Episode 99 Join Brooke, Mindy, and a whirlwind of whimsical dreamscapes in the latest episode of REMelations! Episode 99 takes you on a surreal journey through the depths of the subconscious, weaving together the fascinating dreamscape submitted by Abigail and the quirky cat naps of Brooke and Mindy. Brooke kicks off this dreamy adventure by […]

Bi, Bye, Buy | Peter Tripp and the DJ Wake-A-Thon War of 1959

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Episode 98 In this riveting episode of REMelations, Mindy dives straight in by revealing Ethan’s dream about hobnobbing with an A-list celebrity — but there’s a twist! They’re both attempting to flee a maximum-security prison, guided by nothing but a fancy new shoe design. Are the shoes the key to freedom, or are they just […]

Jordan Air Rockets | Celebrity Sleep Disorders

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