Mindy and Brooke

Meet the faces behind REMElations

Friends that met in 1994 quickly became best friends during freshman gym class. These two quickly became obsessed with all things dreams as Mindy dished her daily weird dream in the high school cafeteria.  These besties felt the calling to create a podcast which celebrates the sub-conscious mind in a fun light-hearted way.

Living just outside of Chicago, Mindy (she/her) keeps pretty busy with her six kids, husband and dog, but thrives on her entrepreneurial spirit. Along with starting REMelations, Mindy and her husband began “Marc & Mindy” where their love of photography has created a successful photography business focusing on engagement and wedding photography. As the owner and photographer for the company, Mindy lets her creativity soar! So, starting REMelations is the next step in sharing her talents with the world! With years of fascination concerning anything dream related, her passion for the weird and crazy will delight audiences who are ready to enjoy a unique take on dream analysis.


Born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, Brooke (she/her) has recently found her way back home after years of being away, living around the U.S. Her passion for travel fuels her curiosity and desire to try new things and to learn about different places and cultures all around the word. With a background in Media Arts, Brooke’s love of TV, Radio and Film provides a natural transition into the world of podcasting. As co-creator of REMelations, Brooke’s sense of humor will leave audiences wanting more as she shares her very quick witted approach to dream analysis.