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“Soft pretzels make every situation better.”

– Brooke –

Episode 135

In this whimsical episode of REMelations, Brooke brings forth a dream from David that transports us to a fantasy world where Fire Tigers hunt criminals, days are perfect, and grandma enjoys McDonald’s served by friendly goblins, all while reminiscing about old low-res video games. Join Mindy and Brooke as they delve into the surreal details and decode the hidden meanings behind David’s vivid dreamscape.

The fun continues with the Cat Naps segment, where Mindy gets personal. She shares a recent dream of her own involving a hostile pool takeover, as well as a dream from her mama that has her running in heels. But that’s not all – listeners are treated to a variety of additional dreams featuring paper skeletons, Godzilla-like creatures attacking towns, wasps in nasal cavities, sacrificing your sister to a monster, and a touching visitation dream from a dreamer’s mama.

To wrap up the episode, Mindy shares some newsworthy sleep stories. Tune in for tales of sleepwalking off a cliff, baby name dreams, winning the lottery, and, of course, heroic cats. Don’t miss out on this dream-packed episode of REMelations!

Listen now and unravel the mysteries of your dreams with REMelations!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Start

00:01:23 – Quick Chat

00:02:50 – David’s Nostalgic Fantasy World Dream

00:08:50 – Promo | Support the Show

00:09:15 – Interpretation of David’s Dream

00:28:04 – QOTW

00:31:05 – Cat Nap Intro

00:31:29 – Lost Keys Lost Car Dream

00:32:51 – What Does Jimmy Fallon Dream

00:38:08 – Waterpark Execution Dream

00:43:00 – Paper Skeletons Dreams

00:46:15 – Godzilla Dream

00:49:48 – Stabbing Dream

00:52:13 – Carnival Anger Dream

00:53:57 – Mother Visitation Dream

00:56:35 – Wasp Dream

00:58:44 – Sister Sacrifice Dream

01:00:51- Promo | Tell a Bestie

01:01:43 – Topic | Sleep Stories in the News

01:20:07 – Chit Chat

01:31:59 – Outtro

01:32:18 – End