Snakes Are Venomous Not Poisonous | Admiral Grey and the Human Dream Project


“Horticultural Jurassic Park”

– Mindy –

Episode 139

In this episode of REMelations, Brooke kicks things off with a chilling dream submitted anonymously. The dreamer finds themselves barricaded inside a house, unable to call the cops as intruders attempt to break in. But in a twist of fate, an unusual co-worker holds the magic key to contacting the authorities.

Next, Brooke and Mindy delve into listener-submitted “cat naps,” featuring dreams that range from Jennifer Lopez starting brawls on airplanes and unwelcoming Airbnbs to a horticulturally carnivorous amusement park, rude husbands, and even attending one’s own funeral.

Stay tuned until the end, when Mindy shares the fascinating story of artist Admiral Gray, who brings dreams to life through mixed media arts and live theatre performances. Don’t miss this captivating episode full of suspense, surrealism, and artistic inspiration!


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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:23 – Quick Chat

00:02:03 – Anonymous Home Invasion Dream

00:07:45 – Promo | Support the Show

00:08:32 – Interpretation of Anonymous Dream

00:10:17 – # What Does Liv Tyler Dream

00:16:52 – QOTW

00:20:42 – Cat Nap Intro

00:21:07 – JLo’s Airplane Brawl Dream

00:24:08 – Infested Shed Dream (CW: Animal Harm)

00:29:52 – Not My Boyfriend Dream

00:32:23 – Gruesome Reality TV Show Dream (CW: Self Harm)

00:36:12 – Carnivorous Plant Amusement Park Dream

00:39:29 – Unhelpful Husband Dream

00:40:40 – GPS Demon Dream

00:43:33 – Oily Devil Dream

00:45:51 – Promo | Tell A Bestie

00:46:50 – Topic | Admiral Grey and the Human Dream Project

01:10:05 – Chit Chat

01:19:38 – Wrap-Up

01:20:23 – End