Distracted and Attracted | Are Alien Abductions Just Lucid Dreams?


“Smells of sweat, teenage angst, and creepy gym teachers.”

– Mindy –

Episode 140

In this thrilling episode of REMelations, Mindy dives right into a spine-tingling dream submitted by Naomi. What starts as a regular high school day quickly transforms into a supernatural escapade when paranormal guru Zak Bagans appears, seeking Naomi’s help to explore an eerie old gym and a mysterious forest clearing. Things take a dramatic turn when Zak becomes possessed, leaving Naomi as his only hope. Puzzled and curious, Naomi turns to hosts Mindy and Brooke to unravel the meaning behind this ghostly dream adventure.

The episode then transitions to the ever-popular Cat Naps segment, where dreams of not-so-nice guys in pristine sports cars, unexpected identical siblings, snake roadblocks, and untreated eye infections are shared and dissected.

But that’s not all—Brooke delves into this week’s intriguing topic, reading an article about a study suggesting that alien abduction stories might be the product of lucid dreamers’ vivid imaginations. Tune in for an episode packed with eerie explorations and fascinating discussions about alien existence!

Help spread the word with this week’s Celebrity Hashtag – #WhatDoesZakBagansDream

Show Links

Alien Abduction’ Stories May Come From Lucid Dreaming, Study Hints | Mindy Weisberger – https://www.livescience.com/lucid-dreaming-ufo-alien-abductions.html

Chandler’s Wild Life – https://youtube.com/@chandlerswildlife?si=ZzXCo47HkD3RzGRa

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 –  Intro

00:01:26 – Quick Chat

00:03:00 – Naomi’s Zak Bagans Possession Dream

00:08:15 – # What Does Zak Bagans Dream

00:10:26 – Promo | Support the Show

00:11:45 – Interpretation of Naomi’s Dream (CW: Child Harm)

00:27:25 – QOTW

00:31:39 – Cat Nap Intro

00:32:13 – Dark Figure Dismemberment Dream (CW: Gore)

00:36:34 – Backseat Slasher Dream (CW: Death)

00:41:43 – Sextuplet Dream

00:44:42 – Cop Impersonator Dream (CW: Death)

00:50:51 – Recurring Bathroom Dream

00:51:53 – Eye Infection Dream

00:58:08 – Promo | Tell a Bestie

00:59:19 – Topic | Are Alien Abductions Just Lucid Dreams?

01:15:36 – Chit Chat

01:28:06 – Wrap Up

01:28:47 – End