Long Clown Johnny | Sexsomnia Parasomnia


“I love that mid-century hot dog style.”

– Brooke –

Episode 134

Mindy kicks things off with a haunting dream shared by Bug. Bug finds herself inside an elongated crack house, faced with a terrifying disfigured clown and an urgent, inexplicable need to wash her hands. Mindy dives deep into the dream’s interpretation, exploring the symbolism of opposites presented in pairs.

Next, Mindy and Brooke share listener dreams in the Cat Naps segment. One dream involves the frantic urgency of trying to call 911 from a she shed, while another delves into the unsettling imagery of creepy bloody tears. There’s also a dream about being baptized by a swim coach, blending themes of guidance and transformation. Another listener shares an eerie experience of a ghostly haunt from the USS Arizona wreck, adding a historical and haunting twist.

Finally, Brooke introduces a new parasomnia to the podcast Besties: Sexsomnia. This condition involves sudden sexual nighttime urges while asleep, leading to uncomfortable conversations and sometimes legal repercussions.

Tune in for another episode filled with eerie dreams, insightful interpretations, and fascinating discussions!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:20  – Quick Chat

00:02:35 – Bug’s Clown Detective Dream

00:15:13 – Promo | Support the Show

00:16:14 – Cat Nap Intro

00:27:18 – Question of the Week

00:31:02 – Cat Nap Intro

00:31:23 – Komodo Dragon Dream

00:34:23 – 911 Dream

00:36:40 – Toy Shop Dream

00:38:38 – Blood Tears Dream

00:39:40 – Fire Baptism Dream

00:43:20 – USS Arizona Dream

00:46:12 – Promo | Tell a Friend

00:48:31 – Topic | Sexsomnia Parasomnia

01:14:26 – Chit Chat

01:20:26 – Outro