Cops in the Club | The Mystery of Bloody Mary


“Conjuring Mary Johnson, Mary Johnson to the mirror please.”

– Mindy –

Episode 131

Join Brooke and Mindy in Episode 131 of REMelations as they delve into the surreal world of dreams and the curious origins of a classic sleepover game.

The episode kicks off with a wild dream shared by Brooke, straight from the subconscious of podcast bestie Katelyn. In this dream, the adventure begins in a pulsating club scene with unexpected discoveries of drugs, followed by a dramatic police raid. Escaping amidst chaos, Katelyn finds herself navigating through the streets with shopping carts, only to stumble into the opulent embrace of a luxurious hotel. However, her escape takes an unexpected twist when she encounters none other than Sigourney Weaver and her affluent father, leading to a thrilling pursuit.

After Brookes insightful interpretation, things take a lighter turn with the Catnaps segment. Mindy and Brooke regale listeners with a delightful array of dream snippets, ranging from Ryan Reynolds professing his love for badgers to encounters with Mother Earth himself? From fleeing from one’s own reflection to deciphering cryptic messages from McDonald’s, the dreams provide plenty of amusement and intrigue.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As the show winds down, Mindy dives into the historical and scientific underpinnings of the infamous sleepover game, “Bloody Mary.” Unveiling the debated origins and cultural influences behind the chilling ritual, Mindy presents compelling insights into how such a seemingly innocent game could have evolved over time.

Tune in to REMelations Episode 131 for a captivating journey through dreams, mysteries, and the fascinating backstory of a childhood favorite.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:16 – Quick Chat

00:02:07 – Katelyn’s Cop Raid Dream

00:06:46 – What Does Sigourney Weaver Dream

00:11:06 – Interpretation of Katelyn’s Dream

00:31:56 – Promo | Support the Show

00:32:29 – Cat Nap Intro

00:33:00 – New Product Dream

00:35:53 – Ryan Reynolds Badger Dream

00:36:41 – Mother Nature Dream

00:37:38 – Self Chasing Dream

00:39:09 – Prince Medley Dream

00:40:47 – Breadstick Cigar Dream

00:42:43 – Bisexual GameCube Dream

00:43:18 – Cryptic McDonald’s Dream

00:45:15 – Thank You

00:45:24 – Topic | Bloody Mary Sleepever Game

01:25:23 – Chit Chat

01:28:12 – Wrap Up

01:29:52 – End