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“Do you want soup, side salad, or a matching tattoo?”

– Mindy –

Episode 137

This episode of REMelations kicks off with a spine-chilling dream recounted by Brooke, where incects seek a host body, sending shivers down our spines. Mindy and Brooke delve into listener cat naps, featuring dreams of Armageddon doomsdays filled with utensils, Cracker Barrel tattoo coercion, awkward encounters while skinny dipping, friends morphing into felines and equines, wine from rocks, and even a bizarre encounter with John Stamos as a shaman. As the episode progresses, things take a creepy turn as Mindy explores the unsettling world of bed bugs, discussing their resurgence since the 2000s despite once being nearly eradicated. Tune in for a mix of unsettling dreams and fascinating insights into these nocturnal pests on this episode of REMelations!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:26 – Quick Chat

00:03:23 – Anonymous Insect Host Infestation Dream (CW: Self Harm)

00:11:32 – Promo | Support the Show

00:12:02 – Interpretation of Anonymous Dream

00:17:24 – QOTW

00:20:58 – Cat Nap Intro

00:21:18 – Sky Utensils Dream

00:23:50 – Flying with the Queen Dream

00:25:51 – Tattoo Parlor Bully Dream (CW: Violence)

00:29:36 – Skinny Dipping Dream

00:30:21 – Toothpick Train Dream

00:31:06 – Feline Friend Dream

00:33:58 – Wine Rock Dream

00:37:01 – John Stamos Shaman Dream

00:41:55 – Promo | Tell a Bestie

00:42:49 – Topic | All About Bed Bugs

01:15:11 – Chit Chat

01:21:54 – Wrap Up

01:22:22 – End

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