Pop-Up Deadly Dome Canival Nightmare


Keith shares a chilling dream with REMelations that plunges us into a harrowing nightmare. In his vision, he’s trapped in a sinister amusement park where every attraction is a perilous dance with death. From the sword-wielding operator of the Gravitron ride to the roller coaster hurtling toward certain doom, this dream keeps us teetering on the edge of our seats, gripped by fear and anticipation. | Episode 93

Content Warning: Death, Murder, Suicide

Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/carnival-heebie-jeebies-sleep-learning-a-foreign-language/

2, 4, Amusement Rides, Approach, Bad Vibes, Banter, Be Part of an Experience, Beg / Plead, Beg Not to Go, Being Mocked, Blood Splatter, Bright Lights, Burned to Death, Can’t Believe Eyes, Can’t Remember / No Recollection, Carnival, Carnival Music, Center of the Ride, Conversation / Dialogue, Creepy, Cremation, Deafening, Deep Breath, Died in Dream, Dome Shaped Room, Dream Snippet, Emergency Exit, Empty, End of Hallway, Enjoy, Entrance, Euthanization, Exit, Exit Quickly, Fade Away, Fake, Friends, Fun House, Gain Speed, Game of Chance, Gigantic, Gravitron, Grin / Smile, Group of Acquaintances, Hallway, Happy, Hidden Object, Hood, Horror, Hot Lava, Hotel Hallway, Ignore Warning, Immobile, In Front, In the Center, Instantly, Invited to Do Something, Joke, Knights Armor, Last Thought Before Death, Laugh, Laugh in Unison, Laugh Maniacally, Laugh Track, Launch, Lava, Lift Arms, Lift Off, Line / Queue, Long Dream, Look Backward, Loud, Made it Safely, Magma, Medieval, Medieval Costume, Medieval Torture Devices, Mood Shift, Motionless, Must Continue, Names, Narrow Hallway, Nightmare Dream, No Choice, No Emergency Exit, No Exit, No Turning Back, Nonchalant / Don't Care, Observe People in A Trance, On Display, Open Exit, Panic, Pee / Urinate, Pee in Pants, People from Past / Life, Pinned Down, Platform, Point Out Danger, Pray, Pray to God, Presence in the Room, Push Button, Random Girlfriend, Random Strangers, Ready to Start / Begin, Regret, Relieved, Ride Operator, Ride Starts, Ride Stopped, Roller Coaster, Roller Coaster Cart, Room, Russian Roulette, Scary, Scene Change, Scream, Screech, Seated, Secret, Shocked, Shot Dead, Shot in Gut, Shot in Head, Shotgun, Silence, Slow Start, Small Door, Sob, Sound Track, Spin, Spooky, Stand in Place, Stand on Platform, Start, Statue, Stone, Strapped In, Suffer, Suicide, Take Last Breath, Terror, Thumbs Up, Time Blur, Trance, Trapped, Try to Find an Exit, Trying to Find Location, Tunnel, Turn to Stone, Unable to Move, Unstrap, Upward, Victim, Walk Inside, Warning Sign (Tangible), Watch, Watch From A Distance, Watch Helplessly, Watch in Fear, Watch in Horror, Watch Someone Die, Waterslide, Wave, Woke up Gasping, Woke Up Panicked