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Julie unveils a haunting childhood dream with the podcast, recounting the eerie scenario where she’s whisked away by, dark-hooded druids into the depths of an underground corridor. As she’s carried, kicking and screaming, anxiety grips her about the mysterious fate awaiting her. However, the tension takes an unexpected turn when the druids dramatically unveil a […]

Underground Druid Serenade Dream

Dream Snippet

In a vivid dream, Izzy envisions her distinctively bred kittens capturing the attention of cat aficionado Taylor Swift. Despite their unconventional number of eyes, these kittens become a must-have for Taylor. Undeterred by the price, Taylor is wholeheartedly ready to ensure one of these unique felines finds its way to her home. | Episode 100 […]

Taylor Swift Rare Cat Dream

Dream Snippet

In Sara’s dream, a persistent itch in a sensitive area compels her to consult a doctor. Following the submission of an unusually abundant urine sample for testing, Sara is taken aback and horrified by her own revelation. Despite the nonchalant reactions from her medical staff and boyfriend, Sara remains distinctly uncomfortable with the unexpected turn […]

Itchy Lady Part Dream

Dream Snippet