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“Achievement unlocked… bonus level!”

– Mindy –

EpisodE 93

This week, we start with a spine-tingling tale from June, who finds herself trapped in a skyscraper filled with poison gas. The tension rises as the dream unfolds – will she find an escape or succumb to the deadly fumes?

Mindy and Brooke, our dynamic dream-sharing duo, delve into the bizarre and whimsical with their recent cat nap dreams. From the eerie sight of roadkill that hints at deeper meanings to the unexpected twist of Darth Vader turning to carjacking (maybe the Death Star payments were too high?), the journey only gets more peculiar.

Laugh with us as we recount the unlikely scenario of a cartel being in an uproar over…a hot dog incident? Then dive deep as we swim alongside the Dallas Cowboy football team. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more outlandish, we whisk you away to a wedding that has us questioning the fashion choices behind its quite unique color palette.

As always, REMelations rounds off with some enlightening moments. This episode, Mindy unpacks fascinating facts about hibernation. Why do animals do it? And could humans ever? Dive deep into the mysterious world of deep sleep.

Hit play and embark on a journey through the subconscious with REMelations – because every dream has a story waiting to be told. Don’t forget to share your own dream tales with us, and who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next episode. Sweet dreams!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:20 – Quick Chat

00:02:50 – June’s Labyrinth Dream

00:06:29 – Interpretation of June’s Dream

00:13:22 – Promo | Support the Show

00:13:48 – Road Kill Dream (CW: Animal Harm)

00:15:47 – Darth Vader Car Jacking Dream

00:17:03 – Mexican Cartel Hot Dog Dream

00:17:48 – Sidebar – Chicago Hot Dogs

00:19:54 – Continuation of Mexican Cartel Hot Dog Dream

00:23:08 – Dallas Cowboy Swimming Pool Dream

00:24:41 – Apartment Force Field Dream

00:27:18 – Madame Medusa Curse Dream

00:29:59 – Under Bed Scarecrow Dream

00:33:03 – Last Minute Bridesmaid Dream

00:37:06 – Topic | Hibernation Facts

00:48:33 – Chit Chat

00:53:38 – Wrap-up

00:57:18 – End