Carnival Heebie Jeebies | Sleep Learning a Foreign Language


“Why does he have a shotgun? He’s medieval.”

– Brooke –

Episode 88

In the thrilling Episode 88 of REMelations Podcast, Mindy takes center stage as she vividly recounts Keith’s dream that sends shivers down the hosts’ spines. Brace yourselves as Mindy delves into Keith’s nightmare, a vividly imaginative tale of a pop-up dome carnival with deadly attractions that challenge the very limits of human bravery and survival. Will they make it out unscathed, or will they succumb to the nightmarish carnival’s treacherous allure?

But the dream-sharing doesn’t end there! Brooke and Mindy swap dreams about strutting down the runway in a glamorous Project Runway challenge, experiencing life as a pet,  animated whales getting stuck in rivers, encountering alien hipsters with cameras, and even indulging in Elon Musk’s unexpected LEGO obsession. Their laughter is contagious as they unravel the whimsical and unpredictable nature of dreams.

To top off the episode, Brooke reveals an intriguing German study that aims to test the plausibility of learning a foreign language during sleep. Join her as she explores the depths of this unique experiment and ponders the tantalizing possibility of unlocking language skills while snoozing.

REMelations Podcast continues to unravel the mysteries of dreams, taking listeners on an unforgettable journey through the whimsical, thought-provoking, and occasionally hair-raising world of dreams and sleep. Don’t miss out on this episode brimming with laughter, imagination, and captivating dream adventures. Sweet dreams!

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Show Links

How to (Really Learn A Foreign Language While You Sleep | David DiSalvo –

Episodic Long-Term Memory Formation During Slow-Wave Sleep | F. Schmidig, S. Ruch, K. Henke –

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:14 – Quick Chat

00:03:35 – Keith’s Pop-Up Deadly Dome Carnival NightmareCW: Suicide

00:20:42 – Intepretation of Keiths Dream

00:31:28 – Promo | Share your dream for our Naughty Ninety’s Episode

00:32:22 – Cat Nap Intro

00:32:48 – A Project Runway Dream

00:35:37 – A Dream About Being a Pet

00:38:24 – A River Whale Dream

00:39:56 – A Dream about Elon Musk’s LEGO Obsession

00:42:22 – A BFF Alien Dream

00:45:21 – A Yellow Hair Dye Dream

00:47:54 – Topic | Sleep Learning a Foreign Language

00:47:54 – Sleep Learning a Foreign Language

00:57:35 -Chit Chat

01:01:09 – Wrap-up

01:02:45 – End