Naked Heart Attack Dream


Leo bares his soul on the podcast, recounting a mortifying dream where he’s stark naked in a bustling hotel lobby, of all places, and to his horror, he bumps into an old friend. Desperate to salvage what’s left of his dignity, Leo attempts a bold maneuver to escape the embarrassment, only to inadvertently amplify the spectacle, turning himself into the unwitting center of attention. | Episode 132

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2, 3, 4, 911 Hung Up, Address, Address Didn't Exist, Agreed with Me, Bar, Be Cornered, Be Followed Relentlessly, Being Followed, Being Stared At, Bizarre Dream, Building, Calm, Casino, Casually Chatting, Cat Nap, Chatting, Claim an Object, Clothes, Creepy, Demand Something, Desperate, Different Room, Disappearing Room, Do Something by Myself, Do Their Own Thing, Drinking, Drive Away, Drivers, Embarrassed, Embarrassing Situation, EMS, Entrance of Room, Explore, Extended Family, Fake Illness, Fake Something, Family Gathering, Family Reunion, Filled with Water, Flash Flood, Flood, Flooded, Florida, Friendly, Funny Dream, Get Dressed, Heart Attack, High School Friend, Horror Movie Characters, Hotel, Hotel Lobby, Hotel Room, In the River, Jolt, Laugh, Left, Long Dream, Lost, Lost Contact, Make a Comment, Make of Car, Missing Family, Missing Object, Model of Car, Multiplying, My Aunts, My Cousins, My Family, My Friend's Car, My Immediate Family, My Uncles, Naked, Nightmare Dream, Passenger Seat, Pulled by Unseen Force, Random Girls, Reception Area, Relentless, Return to Work, Ride Shotgun, River, Run Into Someone (Figuratively), Rushing River, Say Hello, Scene Change, Scrolling, Shortcut, Social Media, Someone Tries to Help, Staff Member, Stop Faking Something, Strange Feeling, Strange Situation, Strangely Dressed, Stress Dream, Struggle to Escape, Stupid Drivers, Success, Suprisingly Calm, The Ring, Towel, Traffic, Trapped, Trapped in Car, Try to Drive Through Something, Try to Escape, Try to Figure Our What’s Going On, Try to Find Bearings, Try to Find People, Unseen Force, Vacation Spot, Various Makes of Cars, Various Models of Cars, Walked Away From Me, Water, Woman