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Tara shares an amusing dream where she finds herself caught in a love triangle with two of America’s funniest men, Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. Which comedic icon will end up winning her affection? The dream leaves us in suspense and laughter. | Episode 138 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/caffeine-and-electrolytes-real-life-celebrity-nightmares/

Adam Sandler vs. Will Farrell Dream

Dream Snippet

Lisa writes into a podcast about a surreal and disturbing dream she had. In the dream, she was looking forward to a fun night out with friends. However, the evening took a bizarre turn when she suddenly became magnetized. Pins and small metal objects began attaching themselves to the inside of her mouth, turning a […]

Magnetized Pins Dream

Dream Snippet

Mia recalls a dream from an adult high school trip to an amusement park, where she unexpectedly stumbles upon a delicious secret. Excitedly sharing her find with friends, they all enjoy a pleasantly buzzed time, savoring the unexpected delight together. | Episode 137 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/some-sort-of-bug-freak-all-about-bed-bugs/

Wine Rock Dream

Dream Snippet

| Episode 137 An anonymous dreamer shares a flirtatious dream where they find themselves skinny dipping in mysterious, waters with their crush. However, the fun takes an unexpected turn when they suddenly spot their teacher watching them, leaving them blushing and mortified. Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/some-sort-of-bug-freak-all-about-bed-bugs/

Skinny Dipping Dream

Dream Snippet

Ben shares a dream that profoundly challenges his lifestyle. As a committed vegan, he is shocked to find himself not only preparing but also craving a meat dish. However, this isn’t your typical beef, chicken, or pork. This dish is something far more unsettling, pushing the boundaries of comfort for everyone. | Episode 136 Full […]

Vegan Eating Meat Dream

Dream Snippet

Melissa recounts a comical dream, navigating the mundane aisles of a supermarket only to encounter audacious shoppers pilfering items from her cart. With each pilfered item, her shopping adventure resets, plunging her into an absurd cycle of frustration and hilarity as she strives to complete her task amidst the chaos. | Episode 133 Full Episode […]

Supermarket Thieves Dream

Dream Snippet

Caroline unravels a whimsical dream featuring her beloved furry companion, her loyal canine companion taking center stage. In a bid to evade the dreaded task of homework, she playfully attempts to enlist her dog’s help by coaxing him into devouring her textbook. However, much to Caroline’s surprise, her canine confidant showcases an unexpected reverence for […]

Dog Ate My Homework Dream

Dream Snippet

Leo bares his soul on the podcast, recounting a mortifying dream where he’s stark naked in a bustling hotel lobby, of all places, and to his horror, he bumps into an old friend. Desperate to salvage what’s left of his dignity, Leo attempts a bold maneuver to escape the embarrassment, only to inadvertently amplify the […]

Naked Heart Attack Dream

Cat Nap

In a dream shared anonymously, the enigmatic identity of Mother Earth is unveiled, casting aside expectations with an unexpected celebrity persona. However, this chosen figure stands in stark contrast to the traditional image of Mother Earth—far from mellow, feminine, or soft-spoken, she exudes a presence that is bold, dynamic, and utterly unconventional. | Episode 131 […]

Mother Nature Dream

Dream Snippet

In an anonymous dream, a celebrity cameo by the charismatic Ryan Reynolds leaves the dreamer both bewildered and intrigued. What puzzles our dreamer most is Ryan’s endearing and playful nickname for his newfound love interest, shrouded in mystery yet dripping with affection. | Episode 131 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/cops-in-the-club-the-mystery-of-bloody-mary/

Ryan Reynolds Badger Dream

Dream Snippet

In an anonymously shared dream, an intriguing and unconventional setting unfolds: an aquatic strip club. Here, patrons are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience, where they can witness an exotic dance featuring their preferred sea creature. This imaginative twist adds a captivating allure to the dream’s ambiance, blending fantasy and sensuality in an unforgettable way. | […]

Aquatic Strip Club Dream

Dream Snippet

Chase recounts a harrowing dream where his real-life struggle to breathe seamlessly intertwines with his REM cycle. In the dream, he undergoes surgery on his nose to alleviate his breathing difficulties, only to awaken from anesthesia to a horrifying realization—the doctor has committed a grave error, leaving Chase to grapple with the consequences of an […]

Penis Surgery Dream

Dream Snippet