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Carolyn adds a touch of hilarity to the podcast with her dream anecdote, recounting the bizarre scenario where her husband’s leg transformed into a delectable treat. Amidst the laughter, she describes her struggle to resist the temptation to take a bite, recognizing the absurdity before it went too far. | Episode 128 Full Episode Link […]

Taco Leg Dream

Dream Snippet

Deborah recounts a troubling dream where a budding romance abruptly fizzles as her new love interest vanishes without a trace, spooked by anonymous sexting messages from Deborah’s phone. Left bewildered by the mystery of the sent videos, she grapples with the unsettling question: if Deborah didn’t send them, then who did? | Episode 125 Full […]

Celebrity Prize Dream

Dream Snippet

Trisha’s eyelids flutter closed for just a moment, yet within that fleeting nap, a delightful and fantastical dream unfolds. She finds herself swept away, where laughter echoes through every scene. Even upon waking, the remnants of her dream linger, casting a warm glow over her day. | Episode 125 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/its-gonna-be-bait-grunch-mccurdy-cropsey-and-char-man/

LOL Dream

Dream Snippet

Angel shares a captivating dream where an intriguing first date unfolds in a dimly lit restaurant, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. However, when the lights suddenly illuminate the room, Angel’s anticipation turns to shock as he discovers a scene that instantly curbs his appetite: a flash mob of nude individuals surrounds him, gyrating […]

Dark Dining Dream

Dream Snippet

Kari fondly recounts a dream from her nap, where she finds herself waiting in line at the well known clothing store, Hot Topic. The reason for the delay is quite amusing: a fellow customer ahead has an extraordinarily long and hilariously complex email address, causing a comedic bottleneck at the cashier’s counter. | Episode 122 […]

Exhausting Email Address Dreamletters

Dream Snippet

Charlie is recounting a hilarious dream on the podcast where he found himself in an imaginary spat with his wife. However, things took a whimsical turn when, in an act of revenge, she gave him a Civil War-era beard trim and bestowed upon him a ridiculously catchy new Facebook screen name. | Episode 121 Full […]

Spousal Argument Dream

Dream Snippet

Kevin sends an email to the show, detailing a dream that begins with a pleasant jog on a beautiful summer day. In the dream, Kevin experiences the unexpected delight of having a buff and fit dream body. However, the dream takes a curious turn when he realizes that something unusual is happening – he’s leaking […]

Perfect Bod Dream

Dream Snippet

Hannah shares a brief and intriguing dream involving a podcast scenario where an unstable, crazed monkey attacks the President of the United States. Which has us thinking, where is the secret service when you need it? | Episode 116 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/holy-pecks-lynyrd-skynyrd-plane-crash-and-billingsleys-premonition/

Unstable Monkey Dream

Dream Snippet

Francis recounts a dream where she engages in a fiery rap battle with her sister. Despite a self-aware acknowledgment of her rap skills not being top-notch, Francis cleverly decides to embrace self-deprecating humor as her weapon of choice. The dream unfolds with Francis skillfully poking fun at herself in the rap battle, raising the intriguing […]

Self Deprecating Rap Battle Dream

Dream Snippet

Harry recounts a dream where he navigates through diverse settings—a hospital, an airport, and ultimately a quaint bookstore. In the small bookshop, his attention is captivated and infuriated simultaneously by a book on display, creating a curious blend of fascination and frustration within him as he is amused. | Episode 114 Full Episode Link – […]

Space Management Dream

Dream Snippet

Lacy shares a whimsical dream on the podcast, transporting herself into the exhilarating precipice of marriage. However, the unexpected twist emerges as she walks down the aisle: her groom turns out to be a banana. Despite the surprising revelation, Lacy remains undeterred, fully committed to marrying her dapper banana beau. The plot thickens, though, as […]

Double Banana Wedding Dream

Dream Snippet

Jose recounts a vivid dream in which a wild bear intrudes into their home. The bear’s nonchalant demeanor leaves Jose on edge, teetering between anxiety and curiosity. Will the bear unleash an attack, or is it content to casually sift through Jose’s closet, borrowing a few garments and attentively tending to his houseplants? | Episode […]

Plantaholic Bear

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