Heavy Fog Dream


Chris shares a nightmare scenario where his scariest enemy isn’t visible, but palpable, its presence looming around outside his home. He battles the unseen foe fiercely, driven by the need to protect his family and beloved fiancée from the intangible terror that threatens their safety and peace of mind. | Episode 136

Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

1, 1 Minute, 2:00 AM, 3, 3 Steps, 4, 4 Feet, 4 Feet Behind, All of a Sudden, Along the Road, Ask a Question, Atmospheric Pressure, Back, Bad Feeling, Be Starred At, Being Stared At, Bend Inward, Blankets, Blankly Stare, Block, Block Someone In, Blood Curdling Scream, Bunch of People, Call Cops, Call Police / 911, Can’t Close, Cat Nap, Check Something Out, Clear Night, Close Door, Closet, Conversation / Dialogue, Cop, Cop Car / Cruiser, Cops Arrive, Cops Refuse to Help, Corner of Yard, Couldn't Speak, Creepy Noise, Curious, Don't Know Anwser, Don't Know Something, Don't Know What's Happening, Door, Dream Snippet, Drive Away, Drive Away Fast, Driveway, Fake Wake, Fall Asleep, Fear, Fiance, Fog, Foot, Garden, Glance, Go Back to Bed, Go Back to Sleep, Go Inside, Go Inside House, Go Outside, Gun, Ignore Something, Land / Property, Lay, Lay Down, Lay Down With Someone, Lock Door, Look of Terror, Look Outside, Loud, Loud Noise, My Dad, My Fiance, My House / Home, My Parents, My Property, Name, Near Garden, Nightmare Dream, Nonchalant / Don't Care, Not Scared, Not Speaking, Open Door, Outside Window, Parade, Parents House, People Leave, Porch, Push, Push Me Into, Pushed Against Me, Refuse to Leave, Repeated Sound, Road, Scream, Scream at Top of Lungs, Scream for Help, Search for Weapon, Shocked, Sink, Sink, Sleep, Stand in Front of Something, Tell Someone Not To Do Something, Tell Someone to Get Off, Terror, Think Fog, Turn Around, Unable to Close, Unable to See, Unable to See Source, Waiting for Something to Start, Wake Up, Walk Downstairs, Window, Yard, Yell, Yell at Someone