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Isabella shares a dream about her graduation commencement, where a haunting voice and an eerie presence make an unsettling appearance. As she poses for her commencement photos, the presence twirls beside her, creating a surreal and disturbing experience that leaves a lasting impression on her graduation day memory. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – […]

Graduation Attachment Dream

Dream Snippet

Leslie shares with the podcast a recurring dream theme where many of her dreams come true. From small, mundane events like dorm moves to more significant occurrences, her experiences make us wonder if she possesses untapped, powerful abilities. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/albany-canada-lake-laniers-dreadful-history/

Dorm Premonition Dream

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Tina shares a dream where she witnesses Jennifer Lopez arguing with a fellow airplane passenger. Tina intervenes and yells at JLo but, fearing Jennifer’s wrath, quickly pretends to be asleep. The tense confrontation and Tina’s reaction create a vivid and amusing scene in her dream. | Episode 139 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/snakes-are-venomous-not-poisonous-admiral-grey-and-the-human-dream-project/

JLo’s Airplane Brawl Dream

Dream Snippet

Ashley recalls a stressful dream scenario where her roof suddenly becomes engulfed in flames. In a panic, she rushes outside to find her boyfriend making a feeble attempt to extinguish the fire. To her dismay, no one, not even her family members, seems to show concern about the raging blaze. Amidst the chaos, Ashley’s primary […]

Roof on Fire Dream

Dream Snippet

Kenny shares a haunting dream with the show where his father makes a ghostly visitation, calling his name just beyond the reaches of his sight. In the dream, his father’s presence feels eerily real, yet comforting, as if trying to convey a message from another realm. The atmosphere is surreal along a path, adding to […]

Dad’s Voice Dream

Dream Snippet

Chris shares a nightmare scenario where his scariest enemy isn’t visible, but palpable, its presence looming around outside his home. He battles the unseen foe fiercely, driven by the need to protect his family and beloved fiancée from the intangible terror that threatens their safety and peace of mind. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link […]

Heavy Fog Dream

Dream Snippet

Jennifer bravely emails the podcast to share a haunting recurring dream from her youth, revealing disturbing tendencies. In this chilling example, a terrifying creature invades the room, and Jennifer shockingly volunteers her own sister as tribute to satisfy the monster’s insatiable appetite, showcasing the darkness within her youthful subconscious. | Episode 135 Full Episode Link […]

Sister Sacrifice Dream

Dream Snippet

Olivia recalls a harrowing dream of being chased by a relentless thief. She dashes through streets, hides in homes and sheds, but every attempt to call 911 fails. Her pursuer continually catches up, leaving her in a constant state of fear and desperation as she tries to escape. | Episode 134 Full Episode Link – […]

911 Dream

Dream Snippet

Kaitlyn takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through her vivid dream world, recounting a whimsical day trip with her mom that quickly takes a bizarre turn. Their ascent up a waterfall unexpectedly leads them into a perilous encounter with crocodiles in a sewer pipe. But just when you think the adventure is over, it takes […]

Crocodile Pipe Dream

Dream Snippet

Javier submits a dream to the podcast, narrating a surreal scenario where he stands at a literal fork in the road. In this dream sequence, an old school friend serves as his guide, urging him to embark on the beautiful and picturesque path, while the opposing route veers into darkness. The podcast host leaves the […]

Two Roads Dream

Dream Snippet

Madyson shares an intriguing dream with the podcast, one that takes a curious twist. In this childhood reverie set within a mysterious research building, she finds herself on a quest to locate an exit alongside enigmatic dream companions. The dream resurfaces during her teenage years, evolving into an experience that feels like a surreal journey […]

A Reunion Dream

Dream Snippet

Jordan recounts a haunting recurring childhood nightmare triggered by watching the movie ‘Look Who’s Talking.’ In this eerie dream, a once-inanimate toilet transforms into a menacing entity, relentlessly pursuing her with a colossal tongue, forcibly dragging her back home no matter where her wanderings take her. | Episode 117 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/a-nailzilian-wax-cuddle-sanctuaries-for-coping-with-nightmares/

Toilet Tongue Dream

Dream Snippet