Tom Gobbler | Thanksgiving Food Coma: Postprandial Somnolence


“Carbs are my love language.”

– Brooke –

Episode 108

Welcome to Episode 108 of REMelations, the podcast that dives into the wild and whimsical world of dreams! This Thanksgiving special kicks off with a bone-chilling dream shared by Chris about a Thanksgiving serial killer. Join Mindy as she recounts the haunting details and keep your wits about you to discover who will survive the deadly dinner!

As the episode unfolds, Brooke and Mindy delve into a collection of listener catnaps, featuring dreams that range from celebrity turkey mishaps to frightening flights with mashed potatoes. Picture yourself cuddling with turkeys or encountering a friendly grim reaper in your dreams, and cringe at the thought of some truly disgusting dish washing practices.

But that’s not all—stay tuned until the very end, when Brooke unveils the science behind why we fall into food comas after indulging in big meals. Plus, Mindy takes us on a journey back in time with a fascinating 1922 newspaper article that decodes the meaning behind dreaming about turkeys.  It’s the final serving of knowledge and curiosity on this Thanksgiving edition of REMelations!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

Thanksgiving Serial Killer Dream
00:12:08 – Chris’ Dream Interpretation
00:18:13 – Promo | Support the Show
00:18:50 – Catnap Intro
00:19:08 – Turkey Carcass Dream #WhatDoesSarahJessicaParkerDream
00:22:18 – Airplane Mashed Potatoes Dream
00:25:03 – Family Dinner Drama Dream
00:28:29 – Turkey Cuddles Dream
00:29:52 – Grim Reaper In Love Dream
00:31:02 – New Species Dream
00:32:04 – Unclean Dishwashing Dream
00:36:06 – The Perfect Dream
00:38:29 – Kissing Pope Dream
00:45:08 – Thank Yous
00:45:40 – Topic | Food Comas – Postprandial Somnolence
00:54:46 Topic | 1922 – What it Means to Dream of Turkey
01:02:01 – Chit Chat
01:12:15 – End