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“Oh my god, it’s like a clown car full of kittens. It’s like my dream come true!” Episode 14 This episode is brought to you from the minds of Dottie who shares an ominous dream with a supernatural real-life twist. As well as Lily who makes Brooke’s day with a light-hearted dream about public transportation.  […]

Cartier Kittens

February 3, 2022

9, Auction, Black, Bus, Bus Driver, Bus Stop, Cartier, Diamond, Jewelry, Kitten, Projector, Shoulder, Slap, Slide, Tote, White

“Sorry I don’t have any photos from your wedding, I got robbed on a cable car that crashed three times.” Episode – 3 This episode dives into the mind of Mindy herself as she shares her dream about Fireball shots at a job interview at The Office, robbery, and cable cars. Stay tuned until the […]

Crazy Day at The Office

November 19, 2021

Alastor Moody, Angela Kinsey, Cable Car, Camera, Cash, Celebrity, Cop, Creed Bratton, Elevator, Fireball Whiskey, Golf, Golf Ball, Golf Course, Harry Potter, Interview, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Kate Flannery, Lake, Phone, Podcast, Rainn Wilson, Ring Around The Rosey, Robber, Robbery, SD Card, Shooter, Soup, Sprinkler, Steve Carell, The Office, White, Work

“Being sucked into a vent is like my worst nightmare!” Episode – 1 This episode is brought to you from the mind of Danielle in Geneva, IL.  This week, Mindy and Brooke dive into Danielle’s dream world of a skeletons party, missing shoes, and a demon.  Stay tuned for next week, when Mindy shares a dream about […]

Shoeless Skeleton Party

November 16, 2021

Basement, Bed, Bedroom, Brother, Childhood Home, Demon, Door, Flash, Hallway, Party, Recurring, Shoe, Skeleton, Sleep, Table, Vent, White