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Ryan recalls a dream where he strangely witnesses his own funeral, a surreal premonition that unsettles him deeply. The dream also leaves him with a haunting imperative: he must somehow disable his GPS, fearing that failing to do so could cause his dreams to manifest in reality. | Episode 139 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/snakes-are-venomous-not-poisonous-admiral-grey-and-the-human-dream-project/

GPS Demon Dream

Dream Snippet

A dream from bestie Nicole has us laughing as she recounts a childhood dream she had. What begins as a fun shopping trip takes a wild turn when she ends up kidnapping a child from an unfit mother. But that’s not where the surprises end—there’s even more hilarity and unexpected twists to her kidnapping escapades. […]

Kids Kidnapping Dream

Dream Snippet

Greg shares a vividly unpleasant dream that leaves everyone feeling queasy. In the dream, he is struggling to change the dirty diapers of newborn twins—a challenging task on its own. But to make matters worse, the scene is complicated by doggie doo-doo scattered everywhere. The overwhelming combination of smells and messes triggers a strong urge […]

Doo Doo Dream

Dream Snippet

Kate shares a dream where her secret real-life crush arrives to escort her to prom. The odd part? She’s 25, well past prom age. Just as she’s grappling with this surreal moment, he leaves without her, adding an even more perplexing twist to her dream. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

Adult Prom Dream

Dream Snippet

Leo bares his soul on the podcast, recounting a mortifying dream where he’s stark naked in a bustling hotel lobby, of all places, and to his horror, he bumps into an old friend. Desperate to salvage what’s left of his dignity, Leo attempts a bold maneuver to escape the embarrassment, only to inadvertently amplify the […]

Naked Heart Attack Dream

Cat Nap

Carmen recounts a strange dream where he finds himself in a heart-pounding chase, pursued relentlessly by none other than Dr. Phil, leading the charge with an unexpected vigor. Desperately seeking refuge from the relentless pursuit of law enforcement, Carmen attempts to conceal himself, but the enigmatic Dr. Phil, munching on a breadstick with determination, threatens […]

Breadstick Cigar Dream

Dream Snippet

Chris vividly recalls a dream where the mundane ritual of his shower routine takes an unexpected turn: a small tree inexplicably sprouts from the drain, piquing his curiosity. As he leans in for a closer look, and a slight tug, he finds himself plunging into a pool from which escape seems impossible. | Episode 129 […]

Shower Tree Dream

Dream Snippet

Elena unveils a dream to Mindy and Brooke, a narrative that begins innocently with a mere fender bender. However, as the dream unfolds and the victim’s deceit is revealed, it leaves the trio grappling with more questions than answers. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of a small, mysterious […]

Morphing Dog Dream

Dream Snippet

In Kara’s dream, she wanders through a grand mansion surrounded by friendly mascots. But when she encounters a volatile old man, the atmosphere darkens, and glitchy shadows begin to chase her. With her fluffy friends offering helpful advice, Kara races through the mansion, unraveling the dream’s mysteries as she tries to escape the looming threat. […]

Mascot Mansion Dream

Dream Snippet

Kara vividly recalls a dream on the podcast, one that begins innocently enough with the familiar jingle of an ice cream truck echoing through the neighborhood. However, what follows shatters the tranquility as Kara and her sister are overcome by an unsettling sensation. Instead of eagerly anticipating sweet, cold treats, their unease intensifies when a […]

Clown Bus Dream

Dream Snippet

Sebastian shares a captivating dream on the podcast, a dream that initially unfolds as a perfect beach day with his beloved dad and brothers. Yet, as dreams often do, the scenario takes an unexpected turn, transforming the tranquil seaside setting into an impromptu surgical unit. Despite the unforeseen twist, they seize the opportunity to make […]

Phalloplasty Dream

Dream Snippet

Gianna weaves a captivating dream into the episode, inviting us to join her for a day on the job. However, a cascade of unfortunate events propels her into a desperate hunt for new employment. As she navigates through twists and turns, employing time travel and exploring local fish delicacies, she finds herself at a critical […]

Unstable Job Dream

Dream Snippet