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Episode 137 This episode of REMelations kicks off with a spine-chilling dream recounted by Brooke, where incects seek a host body, sending shivers down our spines. Mindy and Brooke delve into listener cat naps, featuring dreams of Armageddon doomsdays filled with utensils, Cracker Barrel tattoo coercion, awkward encounters while skinny dipping, friends morphing into felines […]

Some Sort of Bug Freak | All About Bed Bugs!

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Chris shares a nightmare scenario where his scariest enemy isn’t visible, but palpable, its presence looming around outside his home. He battles the unseen foe fiercely, driven by the need to protect his family and beloved fiancée from the intangible terror that threatens their safety and peace of mind. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link […]

Heavy Fog Dream

Dream Snippet

In Janice’s dream, surviving the sinking of the Titanic was miraculous, but it came at a cost. She found herself forever trapped in the body of a mermaid, condemned to swim in cold waters for hours. The miracle of survival turned into an eternal, chilling ordeal. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

Cold Water Mermaid Dream

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Angelica shares a foreboding dream where an ominous hearse drives by. To make matters worse, a black bird locks eyes with her, its intense gaze causing her to pass out. The chilling combination of these eerie signs turns her dream into a nightmarish experience. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

Black Hearse Dream

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Les shares a dream where he’s relaxing on a tropical resort vacation. Perhaps a little too relaxed, he suddenly realizes he doesn’t know what’s happening, who he’s with, or why strangers are throwing him a surprise party. The confusion turns his idyllic getaway into a surreal and unsettling experience. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link […]

Tropical Vacation Dream

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Kate shares a dream where her secret real-life crush arrives to escort her to prom. The odd part? She’s 25, well past prom age. Just as she’s grappling with this surreal moment, he leaves without her, adding an even more perplexing twist to her dream. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

Adult Prom Dream

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Val recalls a recent dream where, on her wedding day, transportation issues create less-than-ideal conditions to reach her nuptials. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s pouring rain. Amid the chaos, Val finds herself wondering if the rain might actually be a sign of good luck on her special day. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link […]

Wedding Transportation Stress Dream

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Ben shares a dream that profoundly challenges his lifestyle. As a committed vegan, he is shocked to find himself not only preparing but also craving a meat dish. However, this isn’t your typical beef, chicken, or pork. This dish is something far more unsettling, pushing the boundaries of comfort for everyone. | Episode 136 Full […]

Vegan Eating Meat Dream

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Episode 136 In this episode of REMelations, Mindy shares a dream from Ben that challenges his vegan lifestyle with a craving for a delectable meat snack, sparking intrigue and inner conflict. Meanwhile, Brooke and Mindy explore a whimsical array of dream scenarios in the Cat Naps segment, ranging from bizarre wedding transportation to deathly encounters […]

Chicken of the Trees | Celebrity Besties

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Jennifer bravely emails the podcast to share a haunting recurring dream from her youth, revealing disturbing tendencies. In this chilling example, a terrifying creature invades the room, and Jennifer shockingly volunteers her own sister as tribute to satisfy the monster’s insatiable appetite, showcasing the darkness within her youthful subconscious. | Episode 135 Full Episode Link […]

Sister Sacrifice Dream

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Sammi recounts a vivid dream where an unexpected intruder, a wasp, flies into her nose, sparking panic and concern. Desperately trying to extract the insect to prevent permanent brain damage, Sammi’s struggle against the unexpected invader creates a surreal and tense atmosphere in her dream. | Episode 135 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/the-mama-episode-sleep-stories-in-the-news/

Wasp Dream

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Gretchen shares a poignant dream story with the podcast, recounting a night when she was visited by her late mother. In the dim light of a stairwell, her mother makes a ghostly appearance, silently vanishing before Gretchen’s eyes. The next morning, her brother confirms the eerie encounter, leaving Gretchen both unsettled and comforted by the […]

Mother Visitation Dream

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