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Our host, Mindy, unfolds a dream narrative this week. . In this dream, she finds herself inexplicably wandering through a bustling construction site, accompanied by a child who appears out of place amidst the chaos. The child, seemingly unfazed by the danger surrounding them, nonchalantly chews bubble gum as Mindy’s intuition tingles with unease. A […]

Bubble Gum Nails Dream

Dream Snippet

Brett shares a whimsical dream with the audience, transporting them to the familiar streets of his hometown where he finds himself cruising leisurely on a vibrant pink scooter, accompanied by his sister. The scene is filled with carefree joy until an unexpected twist disrupts their adventure: a mysterious assailant begins hurling nails at their trusty […]

Pink Moped Dream

Dream Snippet

Carmen submits a charmingly succinct dream tale to the show, revealing a recurring phenomenon where every time he enters the realm of dreams, he finds himself inhabiting the opposite gender. In this brief but intriguing revelation, Carmen opens a window into a world of fluidity and transformation, where identity transcends the boundaries of waking reality. […]

Opposite Gender Dream

Dream Snippet

Katie eagerly unveils a dream from her midday nap, where modern technology intertwines with surrealism. In this vivid reverie, she attempts to connect with her mother via FaceTime, only to find herself trapped in a disorienting struggle with the very device meant to facilitate communication. Paralyzed by an inexplicable inability to operate the phone, Katie […]

Cardigan Paralysis Dream

Dream Snippet

Masie vividly recounts a recent dream, where a chilling vision unfolds before her eyes: the devil himself prowling the streets of her town, imposing his malevolent presence with a disturbing nonchalance. In a surreal twist, she observes the sinister figure seamlessly blending his nefarious deeds with the mundane routine of a morning jog, showcasing a […]

Jogging Bully Devil Dream

Dream Snippet

Emily recounts a surreal dream, her heart racing as she vividly describes being relentlessly pursued by an unknown assailant through a disorienting labyrinth of buildings, streets, and even a bustling parade. Despite her frantic cries for aid, she finds herself abandoned by those around her, their responses twisted into a bizarre chorus of show tunes, […]

Government Showtunes Dream

Dream Snippet

Mary Kate divulges a recurring nightmare to the show, wherein the joyous culmination of her wedding day is relentlessly thwarted. Instead of gracefully walking down the aisle to say “I do,” she finds herself trapped in a surreal loop, endlessly maneuvering cars in her pristine wedding gown. Each attempt to reach her destination is met […]

Wedding Day Accident Dream

Dream Snippet

Gloria recounts a shared dream to her captivated audience, vividly describing a tranquil afternoon spent with her mother, shattered by the abrupt arrival of an unwelcome visitor at their doorstep. Rather than succumbing to fear and fleeing, Gloria finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious intruder. However, looming over her fascination is the ominous question: […]

Split-Level House Dream

Dream Snippet

Episode 120 In Episode 120 of REMelations, Brooke delves into a dream shared by Gloria that sets an eerie tone for the episode. Gloria finds herself in a dreamland hangout with her mom when an unexpected visitor intrudes, leaving Brooke and Mindy perplexed about the nonchalant reaction to the intruder and why split-level homes even […]

The Oky Doky | The History of Why We Lullaby

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Shannon unfolds a recent dream that transports her into the depths of beautiful waters, where she encounters a remarkable creature: a giant eel with an unexpected twist. This extraordinary eel adopts human-like attributes and a clever, conversational tone, engaging anyone willing to listen. While captivated by the surreal encounter, Shannon can’t help but feel a […]

Talking Eel Dream

Dream Snippet

Rob shares a deeply moving visitation dream with the podcast audience, recounting a vivid journey in an old Volkswagen Rabbit with his father by his side. The dream is filled with the warmth of their companionship, as they share moments of connection. Upon awakening, Rob is struck by the poignant realization that what he misses […]

Volkswagen Rabbit Dream

Dream Snippet

Ruth tenderly shares a heartwarming dream with the podcast, encapsulating a poignant remembrance of her beloved grandfather. In the dream, she finds herself in the familiar embrace of her childhood home, where she is reunited with her grandfather, who has since passed away. The simple joy of sitting together on the couch and catching up […]

Visit From Grandpa Dream

Dream Snippet