Turned On Scientifically | Weird Dream or Crazy Law


“Slow dance that fee away.”

– Brooke –

Episode 110

In this week’s episode of REMelations, Mindy kicks things off with a stressful dream from Ellie that throws her into a whirlwind of impossible pre-wedding tasks, leading to her missing a friend’s wedding ceremony and getting into a heated argument with her boyfriend. As the tension rises, a mysterious years-old pamphlet enters the scene, guiding Ellie on an unexpected path. Will this cryptic advice steer her in the right direction?

Following this dreamy saga, Brooke and Mindy delve into listener cat naps, delving into dreamscapes filled with rooms full of cockatiels, heroic escapades saving the world from a black hole, encountering a laser-eyed black cat at lunch, and a surprising return to high school with none other than Hagrid and Fang from Harry Potter. The dreamy adventures don’t stop there!

As the episode unfolds, Brooke challenges Mindy to a guessing game where she must determine whether bizarre scenarios are dreams submitted by listeners or crazy laws that are still on the books today. It’s a hilarious and mind-bending journey through the realms of sleep, law, and imagination.

To wrap up the episode, Brooke challenges Mindy to a guessing game where she must determine whether the strange scenarios presented are dreams from listeners or if they involve real, albeit absurd, laws still on the books today. As the laughter ensues and the dreams unfold, Episode 110 promises a mix of surreal tales, unexpected guidance, and the quirky intersection of dreams and reality on REMelations.

Help spread the word with this week’s Celebrity Hashtag – #WhatDoesNeilDeGrasseTysonDream

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:25 – Quick Chat

00:02:29 – Ellie’s Wedding Argument Dream

00:09:54 – Interpretation of Ellie’s Dream

00:21:03 – Promo | Support the Show with Merch

00:22:03 – Cat Nap Intro

00:22:22 – Lucid Spider Dream

00:25:40 – Cockatiels Dream

00:30:18 – Hagrid Returns to High School Dream

00:33:10 – Lemon Premonition Dream

00:34:42 – Black Hole Hero Dream

00:35:23 – #WhatDoesNeilDeGrasseTysonDream

00:39:11 – Laser Eyed Pier Cats Dream

00:41:40 – Nashville Detour Dream

00:44:01 – Shared Elephant Chase Dream

00:46:26 – Thank Yous

00:46:42 – Topic | Weird Dream or Crazy Law

00:59:41 – Chit Chat

01:07:26 – PodNews Promo

01:08:30 – Promo | Request for Holiday Dreams

01:10:42 – End