The Sour Cream Makes It Supreme | The History of Nightmares and The Legend of Mare


“Some days I can be a goddess, some days I can be a demon.”

– Mindy –

Episode 103

When dreams take a darker turn, Brooke and Mindy are here to explore and explain. In this power-packed episode, Brooke kicks off with a chilling recount of a shared dream from Gina. What starts as a mundane morning run swiftly becomes the stuff of horror films as Gina finds herself pursued by a relentless axe-wielding maniac. The dream offers an unsettling look into the depths of nighttime fears.

However, the episode takes a more positive turn as Gina opens up about how therapy has played a crucial role in helping her overcome her own nighttime trauma, offering a glimmer of hope for those who’ve experienced their own sleep-related horrors.

But it’s not all shivers and scares. Mindy and Brooke interlace the episode with lighter (yet equally puzzling) ‘catnaps’. Dive deep into these snippets of subconsciousness that range from sophisticated luncheons interrupted by unexpected shark guests to unexpected elementary school lunch, as well the President celebrating with a birthday with musical legends, and a whimsical musical themed birthday cake. And if that’s not enough, brace yourselves for a string of pregnancy dreams that will leave you scratching your heads. Is there something in the water? And why are these dream babies so…odd?

Mindy then shifts the focus to October and the history of nightmares. She delves into the centuries-old legend of the “Mare,” exploring how these mythical creatures were believed to invade people’s dreams and turn them into nightmarish experiences. Mindy also shares some old-time tips on how to protect oneself from the influence of these menacing entities, providing a fascinating insight into folklore and superstitions.

In Episode 103 of REMelations, listeners traverse a spectrum of dreams, from Gina’s unsettling nightmares to quirky lunch escapades. The episode peaks with Mindy’s exploration of the ancient “Mare” myths, blending history with the enigmatic world of dreams. A captivating journey not to be missed!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:18 – Quick Chat

00:01:47 – Gina’s Morning Run Axe Murderer Dream

00:11:56 – Gina’s Dream Interpretation

00:21:14 – Promo | Support the Show

00:21:46 – Catnap Intro

00:22:24 – Pizza Premonition Dream

00:28:40 – Ramen Baby Dream

00:30:17 – Bread Baby Dream

00:32:01 – Pickle Baby Dream

00:34:12 – Interrupted Luncheon Dream

00:39:38 – Unique School Lunch Dream

00:40:48 – Car Have and Have Nots Dream

00:42:23 – Musical Legends Dream

00:47:27 – Thank you

00:47:46 – Topic | History of Nightmares and The Legend of Mare

01:09:19 – Request for Nightmares

01:10:15 – Chitchat

01:17:03 – Wrap up

01:18:42 – End