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“Your baby cries like a drunk man.”

– Mindy –

Episode 120

In Episode 120 of REMelations, Brooke delves into a dream shared by Gloria that sets an eerie tone for the episode. Gloria finds herself in a dreamland hangout with her mom when an unexpected visitor intrudes, leaving Brooke and Mindy perplexed about the nonchalant reaction to the intruder and why split-level homes even exist.

Transitioning to the “Cat Naps” segment, Brooke and Mindy explore a plethora of dreams shared by listeners. From belting out show tunes to encountering the devil on a jog, riding pink mopeds, the dangers of nails, and experiencing dreams in the opposite gender, the duo navigates through a diverse array of dreamscapes, sparking intriguing discussions and interpretations.

Concluding the episode, Mindy takes the audience on a historical journey through the evolution of lullabies, tracing their origins from 4000 years ago to their significance in contemporary times. Mindy explores the profound impact of lullabies on youth development, shedding light on why these soothing melodies hold such importance in shaping young minds and fostering emotional well-being.

Episode 120 of REMelations offers a captivating blend of dream analysis, exploration of symbolism, and a deep dive into the cultural significance of lullabies, leaving listeners with thought-provoking insights into the realms of dreams and childhood development.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Start

00:01:20 – Intro

00:02:56 – Gloria’s Split-Level House Dream

00:09:09 – Gloria’s Dream Analysis

00:18:53 – Promo | Support the Show

00:20:12 – Wedding Day Accident Dream (CW: Murder)

00:25:20 – Government Showtunes Dream

00:27:27 – #WhatDoesCatherineZetaJonesDream

00:28:59 – Jogging Bully Devil Dream

00:34:50 – Cardigan Paralysis Dream

00:39:00 – Opposite Gender Dream

00:42:01 – Pink Moped Dream

00:45:17 – Bubble Gum Nails Dream (CW: Child Harm, Gore)

00:48:53 – Topic | The History of Why We Lullaby

01:15:21 – Chit Chat

01:23:14 – Wrap-Up

01:24:28 – End