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“Get some nuts in ya!”

– Mindy –

Episode 118

In the thrilling Episode 118 of REMelations, the dreamscape takes center stage as Brooke delves into the bizarre and suspenseful nocturnal journey of Kevin. Our protagonist finds himself trapped in a government reality show, facing off against soldiers, navigating an infectious disease, and partaking in a deadly game of hide and seek. Will Kevin manage to escape the surreal challenges and emerge with his life intact?

The co-hosts join in with vivid listener catnaps, recounting tales of dreams gone awry. From a comically inaccurate psychic reading to the enchanting world of whale watching in magic socks, the dreamer share their subconscious adventures. Next, picture a wild chase involving vampires in go-karts and the tense atmosphere of a hospital fire, making for a captivating discussion that blends humor and suspense.

As the episode unfolds, Mindy takes the reins to introduce a fascinating concept – sleep tourism. Prepare to be intrigued as she unravels the mysteries behind this emerging sector in the travel industry. Learn what sleep tourism entails, discover the potential destinations, and gain insights on how you can curate your own sleep retreat in your own home.

Tune in to REMelations Episode 118 for a journey through dreams, catnaps, and the intriguing world of sleep tourism. Explore the depths of the subconscious mind and uncover the secrets that lie within the realm of sleep.

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Show Links

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Six Senes – https://www.sixsenses.com/en/wellness-spa/personalized-wellness/sleep

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Mandarin Oriental – https://europeanspamagazine.com/mandarin-oriental-unveils-expert-approach-to-sleep/

Timestamps & Content Warnings

Time Stamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:22 – Quick Chat

00:03:05 – Kevin’s Government Game Dream (CW: Death)

00:12:12 – Analysis of Kevin’s Dream

00:28:18 – Promo | Support the Show

00:29:43 – Catnap Intro

00:30:25 – Fortune Teller Dream

00:33:30 – (CW: Brief Mention of Suicide)

00:36:01 – Magic Socks Dream (CW: Death)

00:38:58 – Future Daughter Dream

00:44:44 – Go-Kart Vampire Dream

00:48:20 – Mattress Joke Dream

00:52:51 – Hospital Fire Dream (CW: Death)

00:56:02 -Thank Yous

00:56:20 – Topic | Sleep Tourism

01:20:30 – Chitchat

01:26:01 – End