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“The delivery system depends on the cheese itself.”

– Mindy –

EpisodE 114

In the thrilling 114th episode of REMelations, the dream realm takes center stage as Brooke unravels the mysterious and unsettling dream that has been haunting Vanessa. Listen as the duo dives deep into the surreal landscape of a room engulfed in uncomfortable silence, where inexplicable fights break out among strangers without a single word uttered. Vanessa’s attempt to escape this bizarre scenario is thwarted by a mysterious creature that issues a chilling warning, leaving her on edge.

Meanwhile, Mindy adds another layer of intrigue to the episode by recounting listener dreams, featuring a perilous journey through broken glass, the nightmare of airport chaos, the delightful discovery of a life-sized pumpkin pie and the challenges of finding food in a bustling mall food court, bringing a touch of humor and culinary curiosity to the dream realm.

As the episode continues, Mindy wraps up the first installment of the new year with a fascinating twist, delving into old-time newspaper stories that explore the dangers of sleepwalking out of windows and the perils of dozing off at a train station. The blend of dreams and real-life anecdotes creates a captivating tapestry of the unconscious mind, leaving listeners intrigued and eager for more REMelations in the episodes to come.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:24 – Quick Chat

00:03:12 – Vanessa’s Silent Club Dream (CW: Gore)

00:08:39 – Interpretation of Vanessa’s Dream

00:17:45 – Promo | Support the Show

00:19:02 – Cat Nap Intro

00:19:36 – Broken Glass Dream

00:22:06 – Space Management Dream

00:24:47 – What Does Tina Fey Dream

00:27:05 – Pumpkin Pie Dream

00:31:07 – Warm Touch Dream

00:33:18 – Cat Cargo Dream

00:40:31 – Mall Food Court Dream

00:44:46 – Thank Yous

00:45:18 – Topic | Old Time Sleepy News Stories (CW: Mention of Suicide)

01:00:43 – Chit Chat

01:08:24 – Wrap Up

01:09:54 – End