Printer Exorcism | Birthday MadLibs


“You can’t bet against a ghost hand, you’re setting yourself up to lose.”

– Brooke –

Episode 96

This week Mindy dives into a dream submission from Hayden, Hayden begins her dream keen-eyed snoop navigating the maze-like confines of her own home. But this isn’t the house she knows; it’s transformed, brimming with odd and unexpected attractions. As she delves deeper into the maze, her objective becomes clear: she’s searching for her crush. Yet, when she finally stumbles upon him, he’s in grave danger. The twists and turns of Hayden’s dream keep listeners on the edge, but the episode doesn’t stop there.

Shifting from the intense atmosphere of Hayden’s submission, Mindy and Brooke lighten the mood by sharing recent catnaps. They trade tales of printers with demonic agendas, the euphoria of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine, the thrill of an unexpected surprise party, and a comically fierce tussle over the last can of Coke Zero. It’s an episode filled with suspense, humor, and the bizarre intersections of the dreaming mind.

Help spread the word with this week’s Celebrity Hashtag – #WhatDoesAmericaFerreraDream

Best Birthday Ever Mad-Lib

  1. Number
  2. Adjective
  3. Adjective
  4. Adjective
  5. Adjective
  6. Adjective
  7. Verb ending in -ING
  8. Person’s Name
  9. Plural Noun
  10. Plural Noun
  11. Adverb
  12. Number
  13. Adjective
  14. Verb ending in -ING
  15. A Place
  16. Verb

The Story

The day I turned (number) years old was the best birthday of my (adjective) life! All of my (adjective) friends and family came to my (adjective) party. I got all kinds of (adjective) presents, from a/an (adjective)  button to a/an (verb ending in -ing) toy! Then my wacky uncle (persons name) entertained us by juggling (plural noun) and making (plural noun) out of balloons! It was so (adverb) funny! I can’t wait until I turn (number) years old this year. For the (adjective) party, we’re going to go (verb ending in -ing) at [the] (a place). I can hardly (verb).

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:12 – Quick Chat

00:03:43 – Hayden’s Snooping House Maze Dream

00:015:51 – Interpretation of Hayden’s Dream

00:16:37 – Sidebar – Snooping

00:22:14 – Dream Interpretation Continued

00:26:13 – #WhatDoesAmericaFerreraDream

00:29:07 – Promo | Support the Show

00:30:27 – Demonic Printer Dream

00:34:29 – Slot Machine Winning Dream

00:36:48 – Singing Telegram Dream

00:41:41 – Gray Woman Dream

00:47:16 – The Battle of Coke Zero Dream

00:51:46 – Arm Wrestling Dream

00:57:30 – Thank-you’s

00:57:44 – Pod News

00:59:36 – Chit Chat

01:12:50 – Topic | Birthday MadLibs

01:25:21 – End