Pogo, Fizbo, and Bozo | Dreams From the Vault


“Why does a clown have a sword?”

– Brooke –

EpisodE 91

Greetings REMelations listeners! This week we’re unlocking the treasure trove of dreams frorm our vault. As we find ourselves without a fresh episode, it’s the perfect time to delve into the depths of dreamscape mysteries previously untouched.

In Episode 91, we start off with an intriguing dreamscape where the laughter of clowns is punctuated by the unsettling glint of a sword. Next, we navigate celebrity math teachers and chat about a new “choose your own adventure” book idea. 

From the surreal to the savory, we then find ourselves in a dreamscape filled with cheese stick health fads. We’ll then discuss some of the most catchy tattoo phrases found in a listener’s dream.  The epidermis becomes a canvas in this unique dream setting.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with an account of a stone-gun wielding mad scientist, a fascinating fusion of the primal and the futuristic. This eccentric character’s symbolism and possible origins will surely trigger your imagination!

Join us for this roller coaster of a journey through the REMelations vault, where dreams come alive and the unexplored becomes familiar. Be prepared for a wild ride; your dreams may never be the same again!

Help spread the word with this week’s Celebrity Hashtag – #WhatDoesAlfonsoRibeiroDream

Timestamps & Content Warnings

Time Stamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:07 – Solo Intro by Mindy

00:00:31 – Quick Chat

00:03:17 – Sword Weilding Clown Dream (CW: Violence)

00:07:25 – Mean Celebrity Math Teacher Dream

00:08:22 – Hashtag – #WhatDoesAlfonsoRibeiroDream

00:12:48 – Cheesestick Dream

00:14:49 – Tattoo Catch Phrase Dream

00:17:16 – Family Vacation Dream

00:19:28 – Stop Smoking Dream

00:21:50 – Beach Dream

00:25:38 – Romance in the Woods Dream

00:28:27 – Eyebrown Dream

00:31:33 – Opera Singing Dream

00:34:30 – Mad Scientist Dream

00:42:16 – Promo: Support the Show

00:42:50 – End