Penthouse Party | Kids Say the Creepiest Things


“These grenade chickens are making me nervous.”

– Brooke –

Episode 121

In the latest installment of REMelations, Mindy takes center stage as she delves into the puzzling depths of the dreamworld once again. The episode kicks off with Mindy recounting a dream dream from Christian where she finds himself in an enigmatic elevator journey to a lavish party, with numbers swirling around her subconscious: 284, 220, 110, 60. Determined to uncover their significance, Mindy embarks on a journey of analysis, attempting to decode the cryptic messages hidden within his dream.

Meanwhile, our beloved hosts Mindy and Brooke share their besties’ surreal experiences during catnaps. From afterlife visitations to heated spousal disputes involving unexpected name-calling, and even encounters with airport celebrities, the dreamscapes explored by Mindy and Brooke are as diverse as they are bizarre. Not to be outdone, the duo also delves into the realm of the supernatural, sharing tales of haunted chickens and eerie encounters.

As the episode unfolds, Brooke adds a spine-chilling dimension with her recounting of children who seem to possess an eerie connection to the other side, sharing unsettling stories of youngsters uttering the spookiest of phrases and making claims that send shivers down the spine.

Join Mindy and Brooke on this elevator ride through the realms of dreams and nightmares as they unravel numerical mysteries and confront the spectral whispers of the unknown. Don’t miss out on the latest episode of REMelations, where reality and the ethereal collide in the most unexpected of ways.

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00:01:25 – Quick Chat

00:01:45 – Christians Numerical Elevator Journey Dream

00:10:12 – Analysis of Christians Dream

00:21:28 – Promo | Support the Show

00:23:19 – Spousal Argument Dream

00:25:39 – Eyeless Face Dream

00:26:12 – Pillow Spiders Dream

00:26:29 – Mattress Hands Dream

00:27:42 – Mom’s Voice Dream

00:29:12 – Unknown Sister Premonition Dream

00:30:35 – Apple with Buddha Dream

00:33:36 – Celebrity Airport Arrival Dream

00:40:47 – Elevator to Hellscape Dream

00:42:52 – Chicken Bomb Dream

00:44:36 – Thank You

00:45:15 – Topic | Kids Say the Creepiest Things

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