Naughty Ninety | Sex Dreams


“It was like an amusement park for her vagina!”

– Mindy –

Episode 90

Listener Discretion is Advised: Adult Content, Sexual Acts, Explicit Language

Get ready for a hilariously scandalous ninetieth episode of REMelations! In this naughty ninety show, Mindy and Brooke venture deep into the uncharted territory of their listeners’ sex dreams. Brace yourselves for some steamy confessions, including an unforgettable encounter with the Disney Princes that will leave you blushing!

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! Tune in as they recount a wild dream featuring a naked devil that could make even the horniest angels blush, and a mistress hamster that’s taking over the nocturnal fantasies of pet owners everywhere!

Oh, and how can we forget the ultimate dream destination – a Jeff Goldblum-hosted peep show! Now that’s one experience you won’t find in any travel brochure.

To top it all off, Mindy and Brooke indulge in a raunchy round of dirty madlibs, where anything goes and laughter is guaranteed. So, grab your headphones and join the fun as REMelations delves into dreams you never knew you had – and maybe wish you hadn’t! Listener discretion is advised, but outrageous laughter is mandatory!

Help spread the word with this week’s Celebrity Hashtag – #WhatDoesPeterDinklageDream

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:27 – Quick Chat

00:03:18 – Episode Content Warning (CW: Adult Content, Sexual Acts, Explicit Language)

00:04:02 – Sexy Time With Mork Dream

00:04:40 – #WhatDoesPeterDinklageDream

00:07:14 – Parents in the Act Dream

00:10:52 – Itchy Lady Part Dream

00:13:48 – Sexy Disney Prince Dream

00:16:56 – Hamsters Mistress Dream

00:19:33 – Urination Dream

00:20:51 – Jeff Goldblum Peepshow Dream

00:26:07 – Not So Little Toy Soldier Dream

00:26:58 – Embarrassing Porn Dream

00:29:08 – Sleepover Dad Dream

00:30:35 – Detached Penis Dream

00:31:32 – Runaway Penis Dream

00:32:57 – Pooh Bear’s Honey Dream

00:33:26 – Giant Testicles Dream

00:36:51 – Sexy Devil Dream

00:39:35 – Antichrist Pregnancy Dream

00:41:04 – Erection Amusement Park Dream

00:46:15 – Self Love Clone Dream

00:46:46 – Never-ending T-Shirt Dream

00:49:04 – Thank-you’s and Planning Episode 100

00:50:30 – Dirty MadLib Questions

00:53:37 – Dirty MadLib Story

00:55:56 – Wrap-up

00:57:20 – End