Joffrey the Christmas Moose | Holiday Sleep Tips


“I don’t want to be a snow whore.”

– Dreamer Christina –

Episode 112

Welcome to Episode 112 of REMelations, where Mindy and Brooke are diving headfirst into the festive season with dreams and holiday hilarity! 

In this special holiday-themed episode, Mindy kicks things off by unraveling Jennifer’s dream, a pulse-pounding jog through danger, only to collide with a pack of jogging Santas! The burning question: where on earth are they running to and what’s at the finish line?

But that’s not all – get ready for a jolly sleigh ride through listener-submitted catnaps! Join the laughter as Mindy and Brooke unpack dreams about Christmas crafts, a mall Santa wanted for murder (yikes!), the pain of popping zits on Christmas day (we’ve all been there), and our personal favorite, the Christmas Moose Livery Service – ensuring everyone gets home safely from those wild holiday parties.

As the dreamy tales come to an end, Brooke shares valuable tips from experts on how to wrangle your sleep schedule back on track post-holiday chaos. Whether you’ve been dodging Santas or crafting Christmas masterpieces, this episode is your one-stop-shop for dreamy entertainment and post-holiday recovery strategies.

Tune in, laugh along, and discover the wild wonders of holiday dreams on Episode 112 of REMelations! 

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How to Get Sleep Back on Track After the Holidays | Devon Frye –

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:19 – Quick Chat

00:03:58 – Jennifer’s Santa 5K Dream

00:08:00 – Jennifer’s Dream Interpretation

00:18:37 – Promo | Support the Show

00:21:14 – Slaughter Christmas Party Dream

00:25:52 – Mall Santa Dream

00:28:13 – Christmas Eve Stress Dream

00:29:19 – Christmas Craft Dream

00:31:52 – Steamy Cheating Santa Dream

00:34:10 – Christmas Delivery Moose Dream

00:37:05 – Poppin’ Christmas Light Dream

00:38:36- Christmas Eve Chase Dream

00:40:53 – Biker Santa Lucid Dream

00:47:01 – Rooftop Christmas Eve Dream

00:48:19 –  Thank Yous

00:48:43 – Topic | Holiday Sleep Tips

01:01:59 – Chit Chat

01:07:08 – WrapUp

01:09:8 – End