Jesus Loving Zombie Humper | Terrible Dad Jokes Dreams Edition


“I don’t even know what you feed a giant baby.”

– Brooke –

Episode 102

In this gripping episode of REMelations, Mindy dives headfirst into the realm of dreams, nightmares, and the uncanny. It all begins with a peculiar dream shared by Mark, one of our listeners. Mark recounts an unforgettable night of slumber, where a seemingly innocent camping trip takes an eerie turn, straight out of the Twilight Zone. With long walks in the desert and encounters with enigmatic landowners, Mark finds himself in a perplexing situation. Accusations of breaking things only add to the surreal nature of the dream, but Mark faces each challenge with unwavering determination. Will he ever escape this bizarre homestead?

But don’t get too comfortable; Mindy abd Brooke have more perplexing dream tales up their sleeves. In catnaps, once-lovable Curious George takes a dark twist, transforming from a mischievous primate to a sinister threat. And if that doesn’t keep you awake, a seemingly innocuous visit to a Northern US gift shop turns out to be more menacing than anyone could’ve predicted. Bear mugs aren’t the only things waiting for you in the shadows. And let’s not forget the challenge of dealing with your downstairs neighbor’s mysterious pet and facing off against zombies with none other than Jesus himself.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Stick around until the end, where the mood lightens up as Mindy playfully scoffs at Brooke’s terrible dad jokes related to dreams, nightmares, and sleep.

Grab your blankets and a warm cup of tea; this episode promises to be another rollercoaster ride through the vast and unpredictable world of dreams!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Start

00:01:11 – Quick Chat

00:02:13 – Mark’s Twilight Zone Desert Homestead Dream

00:09:01 – #WhatDoesGlennHowertonDream

00:17:32 – Interpretation of Mark’s Dream

00:25:06 – Promo | Support the Show

00:25:33 – Catnap Intro

00:26:26 – Evil Curious George Dream (Content Warning: Animal Attack)

00:28:00 – Northwoods Gift Shop Dream

00:30:31 – Giant Baby Dream

00:32:24 – Neighbor’s Exotic Pet Dream (Content Warning: Animal Attack)

00:34:21 – Jesus Zombie Hunter Dream (Content Warning: Organized Religion)

00:36:40 – Glass Mouth Dream (Content Warning: Gore)

00:39:59 – Topic | Terrible Dad Jokes Dreams Edition

00:47:18 – Chit Chat

00:51:26 – Wrap-up

00:53:32 – End