It’s the Crunch of the Carrot | Nightmares and Brainspotting


“There’s a reason we shouldn’t have dictators.”

– Mindy-

Episode 115

In this week’s episode of REMelations, Mindy kicks off the show by delving into a dream shared by Nina. In this vivid scenario, Nina finds herself unjustly taking the blame for an accident involving trolleys, all the while knowing the drivers were at fault. The hosts explore the complexities of dream interpretation and the curious ways our subconscious mind weaves narratives.

Brooke and Mindy then invite listeners to share their dreams, resulting in a diverse array of nocturnal adventures. From crystal-clear oceans teeming with whales to surreal encounters with human-sized carrots, and even dreams featuring end-of-the-world dictators, the hosts unravel the symbolism and surrealism hidden within these subconscious landscapes. A particularly intriguing listener dream involves Taylor Swift marrying one of her fans on stage, sparking a lively discussion about the fascinating world of celebrity dreams.

As the episode progresses, Brooke shifts the focus to a topic with potential real-world impact—brainspotting. She explores how this therapeutic technique may offer relief to individuals grappling with traumatic stress disorders, particularly those haunted by nightmares. The hosts discuss the mechanics of brainspotting and its potential to provide a unique approach to coping with and processing traumatic experiences disrupting sleep.

Join Mindy, Brooke, and the REMelations community on this captivating journey through dreams, symbolism, and the exploration of therapeutic methods aimed at enhancing the quality of sleep and overall well-being. Episode 115 is a journey of the mind, offering both entertainment and insights into the mysterious world of dreams.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:21 – Quick Chat

00:02:10 – Nina’s Trolley Accident Dream (CW: Alcohol Use, Cannabis Use)

00:07:39 – Analysis of Nina’s Dream

00:16:05 – Promo | Support the Show

00:16:56 – Cat Nap Intro

00:17:06 – A Whale of a Dream

00:18:44 – Early Memories Dream

00:18:50 – #WhatDoesTedDansonDream

00:23:37 – Giant Carrot Dream

00:26:09 – Rooftop Hero Dream (CW: Death)

00:30:10 – Taylor Swift Wedding Dream

00:36:16 – End of the World Dictator Dream

00:39:56 – Convertible Tornado Dream

00:41:50 – Thank Yous

00:42:05 – Topic | Nightmares and Brainspotting

00:55:37 – Chit Chat

01:00:00 – Wrap Up

01:02:23 – End