The Rock’s Mustache | Time Skips, Time Slips, and Time Travel


“Brooke’s just the TIP (of the day)!”

– Mindy –

Episode 97

In this riveting episode, Brooke dives deep into a surreal dream submitted by Hannah. Amidst horse stables under a twilight sky, a shadowy trickster and a bone-chilling clown kid lurk, casting a veil of mystery and spine-tingling sensations. What could these symbols mean, and how do they intertwine with Hannah’s waking life?

But that’s not all – Mindy and Brooke dive into a captivating dream exchange, sharing their catnap dream submissions. You won’t want to miss the surreal narratives, including dreams about missing body parts, a tag team adventure with the one and only Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a whimsical dream candyland world, and a heartwarming visitation dream from a cherished father.

As the episode winds down, Mindy takes the reins and delves into the intriguing topics of time skips, time slips, and time travel. Explore the fascinating mysteries of temporal experiences and prepare to be transported through the corridors of time itself.

Join Brooke, Mindy, and their dreamy adventures in this episode of REMelations, where dreams, memories, and the fabric of time weave together in an enthralling tapestry of storytelling and exploration. Tune in for an unforgettable journey through the depths of the human mind and the mysteries of the universe.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Start

00:00:07 – Intro

00:01:14 -Quick Chat

00:02:21 – Hannah’s Fire Breathing Trickster Dream

00:10:59 – Interpretation of Hannah’s Dream

00:20:48 – Promo | Rate and Review the Show

00:21:47 – Cat Nap Intro

00:22:29 – Missing Digits Dream (CW: Gore)

00:29:46 – Magical Candyland Dream

00:33:09 – Human Slinky Dream (CW: Gore)

00:36:22 – Tag Team Adventure with ‘The Rock’ Dream

00:37:06 – #WhatDoesDwayneJohnsonDream

00:41:23 – Middle School Sleepwalking Embarrassment

00:45:34 – Hugs from Dad Dream (CW: Death)

00:48:03 – Topic | Time Skips, Time Slips, and Time Travel

01:21:53 – Chit Chat

01:25:36 – Show Wrap-up

01:27:34 – End