Drunk Driveway Grandma | Dreams From the Vault 2


“Next time you want to play with your putty, lock the door. Just lock the door.”

– Mindy –

Episode 107

In this special off-air edition of REMelations, join hosts Brooke and Mindy as they unlock the Dream Vault to bring you a collection of dreams that didn’t quite make the cut in previous episodes but are too intriguing to be left unheard.

In this dreamy escapade, listeners are treated to a serenade by druids, transporting them to an ethereal realm of an enchanting melody from the 90’s. Another dream unfolds with the unsettling hum of bees and hornets buzzing indoors, setting the stage for a suspenseful and buzzing adventure that leaves dreamers on the edge of their sleeping consciousness.

Step into a world where those saved from the rapture must adhere to a specific dress code. Uncover the peculiar attire choices and explore the dreamer’s journey in a world where fashion meets salvation. Experience the highs and lows of fortune with a dreamer who discovers that their winning lotto scratch off tickets were just a fleeting illusion of dreamland luck.

Lastly, walk down the aisle with a bewildered bride torn between multiple grooms on her wedding day. Will the dreamer navigate this matrimonial maze and find the right partner at the altar?

Your beloved dream guides, Mindy and Brooke, will return next week with their usual captivating episode format. In the meantime, continue to explore the landscapes of your own dreams. 

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:38 – Underground Druid Serenade Dream

00:03:05 – Government Drone Dream

00:04:25 – Silly Putty Dream (CW: Violence)

00:06:16 – Oversized Banana Dream (CW: Animal Harm)

00:09:20 – Broken Ankle Sleep Paralysis Story

00:13:08 – Scratch Off Winner Dream

00:15:33 – Human Bee Dream (CW: Animal Harm)

00:19:12 – Dead Communication Dream

00:22:20 – Rapture Dress Code Dream

00:24:10 – Drunk Driveway Grandma Dream

00:27:32 – Shared Desert Cave Dream (CW: Kidnapping)

00:30:28 – Confused Bride Dream

00:39:54 – Thank You & Wrap-up

00:40:25 – End