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Monica unravels a captivating dream brimming with intrigue and unexpected plot twists. Embarking on a hike through a foreign landscape with her ex-partner, Monica finds herself facing perilous circumstances. However, her anxiety dissipates when her childhood companions, the lovable Smurfs, come to her aid. In a remarkable turn of events, they transform her ex-partner into […]

Hiking Smurf Dream

Dream Snippet

Meghan unveils a dream that immersed her in a torrent of emotions. In this dream realm, she discovers herself within the confines of a pristine white room, entwined in sheets with a lover who evokes a sense of pure, innocent, and playful connection. The overwhelming happiness she experiences is abruptly shattered when Meghan awakens, only […]

The Perfect Dream

Dream Snippet

In a confessional moment on the show, an anonymous dreamer unveils a narrative of passionate connection with the devil himself. In the dream the dreamer finds the enigmatic figure of darkness, alluring in him charismatic and seductive presence. The storyline takes an intense turn when the devil seizes the opportunity to intertwine their destinies, expressing […]

Antichrist Pregnancy Dream

Dream Snippet