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Katelyn, a first-time sharer, recounts a vivid dream where she stumbles upon illicit substances in a bustling nightclub, triggering a frantic escape from pursuing law enforcement officers by skillfully maneuvering through the chaos on grocery carts. Her adrenaline-fueled adventure takes an unexpected turn when she suddenly becomes an heiress, only to find herself ensnared as […]

Cop Raid Dream

Dream Snippet

Fatima unveils a haunting recurring dream, tinged with an eerie sense of foreboding that leaves her questioning its significance. In the dream, she is thrust into the bustling corridors of a sprawling, multi-story hospital, assuming her role as a dedicated nurse. Yet, the tranquility is shattered when chaos descends in the form of a raging […]

Hospital Fire Dream

Dream Snippet

Jonathan shares a prophetic dream he had as a teenager. In it, he was a nurse, weary after a long shift and yearning for the comfort of home. Strange circumstances caused him to linger in the hospital corridors waiting for his cab. What he witnessed next seems to have been a haunting glimpse into the […]

Soldier Premonition Dream

Dream Snippet