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Dan recounts a curious dream where he emerges as the victor, claiming a substantial $9,000 prize from a game. However, his skepticism toward the game operators prompts him to demand proof of his winnings, which he receives in the form of a collection of peculiar, possibly valuable artifacts. Amidst the uncertainty, Dan hopes that this […]

Claw Machine Prize Dream

Dream Snippet

Kari fondly recounts a dream from her nap, where she finds herself waiting in line at the well known clothing store, Hot Topic. The reason for the delay is quite amusing: a fellow customer ahead has an extraordinarily long and hilariously complex email address, causing a comedic bottleneck at the cashier’s counter. | Episode 122 […]

Exhausting Email Address Dreamletters

Dream Snippet

David remembers a childhood dream, dating back to when he was just 5 or 6 years old. In the dream, a menacing figure wielding a knife, with an Amazon box serving as their head, pursued him relentlessly down the cereal aisle of a Walmart store, ultimately chasing him right out the front door. | Episode […]

Demonic Amazon Dream

Dream Snippet