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Bridget discovers her dreaming self aboard a Greyhound bus, its destination shrouded in mystery. Suddenly, a foreboding warning crackles through the radio, compelling the bus to screech to an abrupt halt. In an otherworldly twist, Jesus himself boards the bus, on a quest to locate someone who was never intended to exist. | Episode 111 […]

Jesus Bus Stop Dream

Dream Snippet

Howie relates an otherworldly dream where the earth is overrun by zombies. Fortunately, he isn’t alone in this apocalyptic landscape; his companion is none other than Jesus Christ. Together, they traverse the treacherous terrain, not only seeking out those affected by the zombie scourge but also harnessing the power of mystical herbs, prepared by Jesus, […]

Jesus Zombie Hunter Dream

Dream Snippet

Karen confides in a deeply personal and unsettling dream, where she’s transported back to the church of her youth, surrounded by familiar faces. In this dream, they all engage in activities that challenge the boundaries of her memories and beliefs. Will Karen find understanding in this juxtaposition of past and taboo? | Episode 95 Content […]

Church Orgy Dream

Dream Snippet