Episodes & ShowNotes

Abi unveils a thrilling dream, where she is suddenly jolted awake by a power outage in her bedroom. Fueled by an intense yearning to discover a hidden sanctuary, she embarks on a challenging quest. Navigating treacherous snake pits, confronting furious gorillas, and maneuvering through towering stacks of ice cream, Abi’s journey unfolds with each step. […]

Gorilla Adventure Dream

Dream Snippet

Jodi shares a recurring dream that’s recently captivated her nights. She’s transported to an eagerly awaited beach day, complete with a vibrant beach ball. Amidst the simple joys of playing, a sudden gust of wind sweeps the ball into the sky, vanishing from sight. This turn of events leaves Jodi weighed down by profound sadness […]

Windy Beach Dream

Dream Snippet