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Kate shares a dream where her secret real-life crush arrives to escort her to prom. The odd part? She’s 25, well past prom age. Just as she’s grappling with this surreal moment, he leaves without her, adding an even more perplexing twist to her dream. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/chicken-of-the-trees-celebrity-besties/

Adult Prom Dream

Dream Snippet

Leslie writes into the podcast to share a dream where she feels a deep sense of zen and calm until she notices skeletons pursuing her. Initially terrified, she musters the courage to face her fears, only to discover that the once-frightening skeletons are nothing more than fragile pieces of paper. | Episode 135 Full Episode […]

Paper Skeletons Dreams

Dream Snippet

Meredith is ensnared in a vivid dream where her once-trusted bedroom printer morphs into a monstrous entity, its gears and rollers churning out sheets faster than the eye can see. Can she elude the malevolent machine and its razor-sharp paper edges before it’s too late? | Episode 96 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/printer-exorcism-birthday-madlibs/

Demonic Printer Dream

Dream Snippet