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Lonnie regales the group with a tale of a thrilling yet hair-raising dream where he finds himself a contestant on the glamorous stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What starts as a joyous romp through sequins and sass takes a dark turn when a challenge transforms into a chaotic and blood-soaked spectacle, leaving Lonnie and his […]

RuPaul Drag Race Challenge Dream

Dream Snippet

On the Halloween episode, JD recounts a nightmarish experience. While engaged in a phone call with his parents, he suddenly becomes aware of a heinous crime occurring in the background. His desperate pleas to the unknown assailant to spare his mom and dad go unanswered, plunging him into a chilling, helpless ordeal. | Episode 93 […]

Phone Call Axe Murder Dream

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Gina recounts a haunting dream where her usual pre-dawn run morphs into a chilling chase. An innocent, neighborly wave unexpectedly triggers an intense pursuit by a morning landscaper. As Gina strategizes her escape, the pivotal question emerges: Can she outpace the looming danger? | Episode 103 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/the-sour-cream-makes-it-supreme/

 Morning Run Axe Murderer Dream

Dream Snippet