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Lawrence recounts a captivating dream in which America’s cherished singer-songwriter, Willie Nelson, mischievously snatches his dog. Undeterred, Lawrence is determined on retrieving his furry companion, even if it means trailing Willie’s nationwide tour to ensure a reunion. | Episode 100 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/bareback-squid-rider-behind-the-lego-dreamzzz-collection/

Willie Nelson Dog Thief Dream

Dream Snippet

On the podcast, Kate shares a haunting dream. What begins as an anticipated cabin retreat with friends soon takes a chilling turn. Their journey is marred by unsettling sights of roadkill that, disturbingly, grow in size as they progress. Faced with increasingly unnerving omens, the group grapples with a dilemma: press on towards their destination […]

Road Kill Dream

Dream Snippet