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In Ellie’s dream, she’s at a friend’s wedding, but a challenging task stands between her and the celebration. Fumbling with the task and misplacing her clothes, she and her boyfriend miss the event, leading to a heated argument. The question now looms: Can they repair their rift and salvage the remainder of the dreamy occasion, […]

Wedding Argument Dream

Dream Snippet

In Justin’s email, he retells a dream where he and a long-time internet friend eagerly plan their long-awaited meetup. However, a sudden and terrifying twist of events leaves them fearing for their lives. But will a stroke of genius be sufficient to rescue them from this dire situation? | Episode 101 Content Warning: Attempted Murder […]

Internet Friend Dream

Dream Snippet

Nicole recounts a captivating dream where she’s ensnared in a surreal dating contest, with the enigmatic Devil as the ultimate prize. Through a series of intense written challenges and fierce tests of will, Nicole emerges victorious. In a twist of fate, she and the Devil unite in matrimony, but their bond is tested by the […]

Devil Dating Competition Dream

Dream Snippet