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Jaya shares a haunting dream that leaves everyone feeling uneasy. In this surreal vision, her mother appears, but something feels amiss. Soon, glitches begin to distort her mother’s presence, causing her speech to falter into incomprehensible gibberish. Though Jaya’s experience isn’t physically painful, her mother’s attempt to manipulate her mind leaves her clinging to consciousness […]

Glitching Mom Dream

Dream Snippet

Melissa recounts a haunting dream that jolted her awake, her heart racing. Within the dream, a barren room becomes the backdrop to an eerie encounter. A man, with skin as pale as moonlight, stands at its center. Though an inexplicable pull draws her towards him, Melissa senses deception in his crimson-stained, razor-sharp smile. Yet, his […]

Vampire Smirk Dream

Dream Snippet