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Emily shares a frustrating dream in which she is on an endless quest to find her missing shampoo and conditioner. After a seemingly eternal search, she finally locates them, only to face another obstacle: there isn’t a single available shower in sight. Despite her efforts, she is left with dirty hair and a deep sense […]

Shampoo Conditioner Dream

Dream Snippet

Val recalls a recent dream where, on her wedding day, transportation issues create less-than-ideal conditions to reach her nuptials. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s pouring rain. Amid the chaos, Val finds herself wondering if the rain might actually be a sign of good luck on her special day. | Episode 136 Full Episode Link […]

Wedding Transportation Stress Dream

Dream Snippet

An anonymous dreamer unveils a haunting narrative on the podcast, describing a dream where they find themselves immersed in the Thanksgiving meal preparations. However, the dream takes a sinister turn when the dreamer’s sister becomes an unrelenting source of disturbance, ultimately leading to a moment of overwhelming frustration that results in her tragic demise. Riddled […]

Kissing Pope Dream

Dream Snippet